Password fatigue, simplified password management, fewer help desk tickets: there are so many reasons why employees prefer single sign-on sites for their benefits, payroll, and other work-related needs. Maybe your company doesn’t have the capacity to create a big internal web portal, or maybe your payroll and benefits are running through two different platforms. Think there’s nothing you can do about it? Think again!

Web Benefits Design can set up a single sign-on that integrates with your company’s intranet, payroll, or HRIS to bring them directly into their benefits system. While a single sign-on, or SSO as they’re known in the business, can seem like a small thing, this one small thing can reap some great rewards for your employees and your company.

Benefits of SSO Tech for Benefits Websites

Fewer Passwords = Better Security

You’re always asking your employees to create stronger passwords. No matter how many scary security lessons you try to sell them, though, some will always go for simple, arguing that they just have too many passwords. Reducing password fatigue by allowing employees to reduce the number of passwords they have to come up with, and remember, gives them more incentive to come up with something strong. Plus, it just makes their lives a little easier — and that’s always a worthy cause.

Easier Sign-Ons

Speaking of making their lives easier, don’t we want to convince employees to engage with their benefits regularly? Giving them a more streamlined approach through an SSO on your company portal removes one more barrier — or several — to getting them onto that benefits website, engaging with their benefits, and reaping the rewards of working for your company . . . rather than chasing after new jobs!

Reduce Abandoned Sessions

Almost 20% of users abandon their online shopping carts due to password issues. Now that’s a number you don’t want applied to your benefits enrollment process, or to the number of employees actually engaging with their benefits. Even the effort of dealing with password reset is often enough to put users off making their purchases.

Relieve Help Desk Workloads

Some surveys have shown as many of a third of help desk calls are related to password resets! Who is managing your IT support center — and how much of their time are they spending on password issues?

Simplify Employee Management

Username and password management are important aspects of employee relations. Dealing with the creation of new employee profiles, managing permissions during their tenure, and removing access when employees leave a company can all be simplified with fewer necessary usernames and passwords.

Single Sign-ons Make Benefits Better

If you’re searching for ways to make your benefits more accessible and keep your employees engaged, look at the small stuff. Could an SSO relieve some issues your employees have with your benefits website?

WBD can provide a single sign-on that connects your company intranet with your WBD-designed benefits supersite. It’s just one more reason a Web Benefits Design benefits admin platform is a step above your average solution. Ready to learn what WBD can do for you? Click here to learn more.