Employees need help understanding their benefits. Studies back this up: in 2019, a survey found a whopping one in four people were foregoing medical care because they weren’t sure it was covered by their healthcare plans.

The survey found people had issues with the most basic of health plan terminology: words like copay, deductible, and premium. Without understanding these terms, how are our employees supposed to choose a healthcare plan and then use it in a way that’s effective for both the group plan and for their own health?

Educate your employees in a way that aids comprehension and provides complicated information simply: video. Here are five reasons video is the perfect medium for benefits training.

  1. Meet Employees Where They’re Already Learning

Americans are already watching videos when they want to learn something new. According to Pew Research, YouTube is the most popular online platform in America. And eMarketer says that 74% of U.S. Internet users are watching YouTube content.

  1. Videos Let Employees Learn and Explore at Their Own Pace

Even a basic video allows room for comprehension far beyond the information presented. That’s because employees can pause the video and do a search on information they’d like to know more about. Video learning encourages further research and these Internet “rabbit-holes” can result in expanded education and better healthcare literacy for your employee.

  1. Videos Help Employees Retain Information

That’s because video learning actually boosts comprehension and memory rates. Visuals, musical cues, and emotional triggers all work together with narration or captions to help employees retain concepts.

  1. Videos Offer On-Demand Learning

Even before remote work became the norm for office workers, and gatherings in conference rooms became health risks, scheduling conflicts made in-person, scheduled learning sessions difficult. Video learning supports the modern workplace needs, which often includes employees scattered across many locations or even time zones. Employees can also refer to benefits training videos on their own time, or look back for refreshers.

  1. Video Learning Provides Consistency

There’s no need to worry about personal interpretation or a lack of expertise in certain subjects. With video learning, everyone is getting the correct information — no nuance, no personal bias. For critical information such as benefits education, video learning eliminates the possibility of a single instructor sharing the wrong information.

Video Learning From WBD

Video learning is built right into the WBD benefits platform. We’re constantly updating our video library with dozens of subjects ranging from Health Savings Accounts to using Telemedicine. With these videos at your employees’ fingertips, they can access a wealth of easy-to-digest healthcare and benefits education.

Plus, your company can add custom videos designed for your unique needs. Do you need to build a new hire onboarding platform? Are you trying to boost your open enrollment numbers this year? Our creative team can help!

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