About Us

Our specialty is fusing technology with business requirements and our client’s reality. Anyone can do a demo – that’s the easy part. The challenge is combining multiple platforms, carriers, payroll systems and third parties within one, cohesive environment and maintaining data accuracy. Web Benefits Design integrates proprietary workflow and data tools with highly flexible software written by domain experts in benefits and technology. We consistently deliver amazing solutions to our clients, members and business partners.

Our Mission

Deliver extraordinary employee benefits technology and
services that empower consumers and exceed client expectations.

Our Core Values

Own it!
Take care of each other, our clients, and external relationships. Maintain your dignity and allow others to do the same in every situation.

Live it!
The truth always wins. Elevate every situation with honesty and follow through.

Deliver it!
Generously commit your talent, experience, sense of urgency and passion to deliver extraordinary results to clients, members and business partners.

Bring it!
Create and accelerate with focus and confidence. Be open-minded and courageous and know the organization will support you.

Love it!
Bring your best self, and bring out the best in everyone around you.  Use positive energy to problem-solve. Assume best intentions in all communications.

Protect it!
Our work and the information we hold affects millions of lives. Zealously guard private information with reverence and respect.

Web Benefits Leadership Team


Bethany Schenk

President & CEO

Bethany is the President, C.E.O, and co-founder. Bethany has over 22 years of industry experience in the healthcare, benefits, and information technology industries. Bethany’s multiple responsibilities include product development, marketing, sales, account management, compliance, human resources, and operations. Bethany graduated from Florida State University with a Risk Management Insurance and Actuarial Science degree.


Darin Wardwell

Chief Information Officer
Darin Wardwell is one of the original founders of Web Benefits Design and has served as our Chief Information Officer since 2001. He leads the development team responsible for WBD’s benefits administration platform and supporting technology. As a software industry veteran of more than 20 years, Darin brings expertise from his experience developing and providing advanced software solutions to the healthcare and consulting industries.


Susan Otten

Chief OPERATing officer
Susan leads the operations and human resource functions at Web Benefits Design.  She brings her expertise of over 25 years in Human Resources, Mergers & Acquisitions, Operations, and Finance to WBD to provide the highest service and capabilities to our employees and our clients.  Susan has not only been a member of the leadership team at WBD but also has been a customer that utilized all our services for the last 15  years.  She additionally has provided WBD with a perspective from a client’s view in the building of new and improved features for our system.


Steve Herman


Steve Herman manages sales for the broker business unit as the National Director of Sales. With more than 15 years of experience in sales and business development, Steve’s expertise ranges from generating revenue and exceeding sales goals to expanding market share for our 250+ broker and consulting partners. When Steve is not concentrating on new business development, he invests his time assisting HR Professionals and benefit consultants with the creation, implementation, and strategic management of key technology initiatives within their respective organizations. Steve earned his Bachelor degree from the University of Delaware.


Christian Campbell

Chief Technology Officer
A life-long geek with an intuitive grasp of technology and a strong business acumen, Christian has an extensive background and a proven track record of conceptualization, strategic planning, development, deployment, and product management for complex enterprise infrastructure and software projects. As Chief Technology Officer, he provides vision, governance, oversight of ITOps/DevOps and Infrastructure, and guidance on all corporate technology initiatives. Additionally, Christian is responsible for IT/IS policy and oversight, as well as coordination of the company’s regulatory and compliance regimes (SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, etc.).


Hillary Harris

Sr. VICE PRESIDENT, client experience

Hillary is responsible for managing the teams in charge of implementation and ongoing client services. She coordinates the internal staff resources and training to ensure efficient operations including: implementation, renewals, client acquisitions, changes, identification, and implementation of new technology features, coordination of client-specific code customization, quality assurance, testing, loading data, data discrepancies, training, and ongoing open enrollment support. Hillary has a counterpart (Marci Rodriguez) who serves in the same role/capacity for WBD’s signature services. Hillary received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Stony Brook University.


Marci Rodriguez

Vice President, configuration

Marci is responsible for managing the teams in charge of implementation and ongoing client services for large, complex clients with four or more of our signature services – most commonly COBRA, ACA, dependent documentation, Call Center, open enrollment services, communication packages, Evidence of Insurability (EOI) management, and more. Marci works closely with our clients to obtain an in-depth understanding of their organization and workflow challenges and effectively uses her extensive knowledge of the organization to tailor our service package, delivery model, and client-specific reports and metrics to the client’s needs. Marci received her Masters of Business Administration from Stockton University in 2008.


Joe DeMattio

vice president, Data Engagement

Joe is the Data Engagement Director and oversees all aspects of the data department including incoming and outgoing data. As Data Engagement Director, he works with client payroll contacts to establish client-specific payroll feeds and processes. Joe manages a large staff who focus on the proper sanitization, standardization, and QC processes involved with the multiple files, feeds, and data imports and exports required for each client, carrier, or third party. Joe commands a team that specializes in new client onboarding and those that specialize in ongoing data maintenance. Joe’s team communicates directly with clients, brokers, and carriers to quickly clarify or resolve data issues immediately and follow through with all parties to ensure full resolution.  Joe earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management of Information Systems, from the University of Central Florida.


John Lewis


John Lewis joined the WBD team in 2004 and is the Senior Director of Electronic Data Information (EDI). As a co-writer of the EDI and Data tools that make up the WBD technology code-base, John’s specialty is building EDI and payroll files for purposes of data connectivity. He is responsible for building, testing, and transmitting all carrier data file feeds and payroll file feeds. John graduated from Bob Jones University in South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.