It’s time to simplify ACA reporting. Shifting workforce trends, the ups and downs of variable hours during uncertain economic times, and the annual changes to ACA rules: all of it adds up. How much time is your team spending on these important elements of benefit administration?

Because ACA reporting is part of every Human Resources team’s responsibilities, WBD has built tracking, reporting, and monitoring into our benefits administration platform. Let’s take a look at the elements of WBD’s innovative ACA solution.

Tracking, Measurement, Monitoring ACA Hours

Determining employee eligibility for ACA requires precise tracking and long-term monitoring. WBD’s payroll-integrated solution measures an employee’s average hours worked to see if they fall above or below a 30 hours per week threshold, communicates that information to HR admins, and handles updating carrier and payroll information according to client rules.

If an employee becomes eligible for a status change,  the admin is notified of the status change, and the necessary forms are generated. The employee is easily notified through the platform of the impending change in work status, and the necessary actions they now need to take, such as enrolling in benefits.

HR Reports

WBD’s ACA reporting offers HR teams a robust look at the costs of their company’s workflow, as well as generating reports required for records and documentation. Reports on affordability, measurement periods, stability, and lookback give HR administrators the tools they need to understand how employee hours are affecting the business, and make sure their employees are receiving the correct benefits for the hours they work.

ACA Reporting Forms

WBD makes ACA reporting and IRS e-filing simple, with automatic form generation for 1094 and 1095 forms, and e-filing transmission within the platform. WBD also offers W2 reports and mailing services to fully streamline the ACA process.

All of these tools for simplifying the ACA reporting process are built right into WBD’s benefits admin platform. ACA is part of every HR team’s scope of work. It’s time to treat it that way!

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