A successful open enrollment period hinges on helping your employees understand what’s at stake: how to enroll in benefits, what information they need to apply, and what benefits are right for them. While you probably have a full line-up of text messages, emails, and announcements ready to go, there is one more piece of communication which can take your enrollment success to the next level: videos.

Why Videos Make a Difference

Why include video in your benefits enrollment strategy? One of the most important reasons is deceptively simple: videos aid comprehension. Whether a video is explaining when to enroll in benefits or how to utilize them, videos can have the same positive effects as an in-person instructor. For more, check out our blog on video comprehension here. With a video, the tough nuts and bolts of benefits become easier to understand, especially if the viewer could use a little help with reading comprehension.

In a world of text, videos stand out. Emails, announcement posters, and text message announcements have become so common, they’re easy to shrug off or dismiss. Computer-based workers are beginning to ignore emails; surveys show as many as two out of five don’t read a single email from HR! And other stats show that non-managers are woefully out of the loop on company news, lagging as much as 30% behind their bosses.

Videos Are Simple With Web Benefits Design

How do you incorporate video into your enrollments strategy? WBD makes it simple to put video education directly into your employees’ benefits enrollment experience. We have videos to explain every aspect of benefits to your employees, including:

  • Choosing the right medical plan
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Healthcare FSAs
  • Telemedicine
  • Vision Benefits
  • Qualifying Events
  • Voluntary Benefits including Critical Illness, Accident, and more

You can even customize videos or brand them with a company-specific intro.

WBD’s benefits education videos are a simple way to bring the power of video learning into your open enrollment. They’re especially effective when integrated with one of our most popular developments: the benefits supersite. This highly customized, mobile-friendly website handles everything your employees need to access to enroll in, manage, and access their benefits. With features like video and decision support baked right in, the WBD supersite is a user-friendly experience your employees will appreciate. Learn more about WBD’s videos and supersite here.