Your company’s Open Enrollment success depends on your communications. That’s why we’ve been using this blog to help Human Resources teams put awesome communication strategies into place. But does your team have a toolkit to make all of this communication magic happen? Where are all of your comms leading your employees?

Communications with a call-to-action need a target. Get all of your communications pointing to one site, where all of your Open Enrollment information lives and all of your employees’ questions are answered, and that’s a bullseye.

Hitting that bullseye with your communications strategy is easy with a Supersite, one of WBD’s most popular applications. Take a look at how it can supercharge the success of your Open Enrollment communications, streamline your operation, and make your employees’ benefits access easier than ever before.

What’s a Supersite?

Our employee-facing website is called a Supersite because that’s exactly what it is: a super-efficient, super-friendly, super-customizable one-stop-shop for all of your employees’ benefit needs. Fully customized to meet your company’s branding, it looks like a member of your internal family of websites. But on the inside, this site is packed with incredible WBD technology and tools to make your employees’ and your teams’ benefits life a breeze…or as close as it can be!

Get their attention with your emails, posters, and texts…then, bring it all together by sending your employees to your company’s Supersite, where they can look at their current benefits, read plan comparisons, learn about terminologies and procedures, check out content addressing frequently asked questions, access forms, and more. Here’s what they’ll find:

Benefit Summaries

Employees can look at their current elections for a snapshot of their insurance plan, benefit overview with costs, benefit frequently asked questions, and providers’ website — all in one place.

Content Libraries 

Built-in content libraries empower employees to find answers to their tough benefits questions, covering everything from terminology to COBRA to regulatory information. Best of all, you don’t have to keep up with the information on your own! WBD will push through updates to regulatory and employee rights content, and updates the content library based on your feedback. If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, you’ll be able to let us know what’s missing.

Plan Summaries

The Supersite houses easy-to-read plan comparisons, placing important information like premiums, prescription drug costs, copays, and other healthcare costs side-by-side for simple cost analysis. All of those questions about which plan offers what level of coverage? The answers are on the Supersite.

Our team builds out these pages for you, creating custom plan comparisons to smooth the Open Enrollment process along. Sending your employees to the Supersite to get their plan comparisons takes a previously time-consuming task and makes it simple.

Video Library

Benefits topics are confusing. Send your employees to the Supersite’s extensive video library for easy, bite-size information on everything from healthcare plans to using FSAs, choosing life insurance, and more. WBD’s original videos walk employees through processes such as plan selection.

With the ability to pause, rewatch, and learn at their own pace, employees benefit from having this self-paced, visual approach to understanding the selection and use of their benefits.

Benefits Confirmation Statements 

Employees are empowered when they have access to information about the benefits they’re paying for. The Supersite includes a Benefit Confirmation Statement function, showing the employee’s elected benefits and costs. A new statement is generated each time benefits are changed, giving employees reliable and accurate updates on their benefit elections and financial obligations.

Communication Alerts

Set up pop-ups and banners alerting your employees to Open Enrollment deadlines. Your Supersite can handle everything from showcasing benefits and educating employees to reminding them to sign-up on time—pretty impressive!

Request a Demo

There’s still time to simplify your benefits administration with a WBD Supersite — plus all of the other incredible time-savers and efficiencies a WBD system has to offer — before Open Enrollment 2020. Send us a demo request, and with a just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to a smoother, more successful Open Enrollment than ever before.