Bad data? Human Resources programs handle some of the most important information in your business. From employee personal data which must be protected, to payroll and tax information which must be compliant with federal and local regulations, to eligibility documentation which demonstrates your employees have access to the correct benefits — everything in HR matters. And one bad connection could cost your company time now — and opportunities in the long run.

Mix Ups and Communication Errors

A communications gap between different HR programs can wreak havoc with your company’s data. Systems which can’t keep up with one another can cause inefficiencies, compliancy errors, and slowdowns that affect your payroll, time tracking, benefits eligibility, and other programs that are essential to employee satisfaction. Plus, using multiple programs almost certainly means manual data entry, paper filing, and other slowdowns — which are even more inefficient in the new work-from-home era.

Pricey by the Dozen

Multiple programs also means multiples of every expense and time-eating process that comes with them — license fees, maintenance and upgrades, add-ons for special patches or widgets, third party vendors to deal with, data backups, even the potential for loss of data.

It All Adds Up

All of this will come into play every time your company wants to make a move to scale up, whether because your programs aren’t prepared for an influx of new employees, or because they can’t support new benefits necessary to retain and recruit workers. Worse, what looks like a little extra data entry or manual changes to compliance will become an insurmountable amount of hands-on work with a growing workforce to serve.

Could a homebuilt blend of programs be holding your team — and your entire company — back? Upgrade your technology to a platform which includes essentials such as compliance, eligibility, and data feeds that work. Learn more about WBD’s platforms here.