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Learn how Web Benefits Design can customize a benefits platform that meets the needs of your diverse workforce. A WBD sales executive will customize your demo, and provide an interactive personalized forum that allows you access to both the employee experience and the HR and Benefits team experience.

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A new kind of ben-admin experience.

You’ll learn how employees can shop and enroll in their benefits through an intuitive, engaging “amazon like” shopping portal. And you’ll see how HR teams can automate their daily tasks through scheduled billing and reports, target messaging employee with outstanding deliverables, and automated COBRA and ACA tasks.

Help us focus on what matters to you the most.  Help us understand the reality of your organizational resources, payroll system, carrier partners and benefit complexities.  Beyond just an impressive demo, WBD’s capabilities shine brightly when the conversation turns to tactical execution and consistent deliverables. 

Below are some of the most common areas of focus:

  • Timeframe for setup and implementation
  • Our expedited process to connect to your payroll system
  • WBD’s expertise in data and EDI file management
  • Flexibility for various employee groups
  • Benefit complexities that require complex configuration
  • Best practices
  • Best carrier partners
  • Target markets and nice expertise
  • COBRA and ACA integration
  • Call center and enrollment solutions to supplement the technology

Do you have a solution currently in place?

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Do you typically offer technology solutions to your clients?

Do you offer subsidies to offset the cost of a technology platform?

Do you have preferred relationships with specific brokerage firms?

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