Employer expectations are a given: everyone knows that employers have expectations of their employees. Less attention is paid to employee expectations, but now, that might be changing.

After a year of remote work, many information and office workers have found their expectations of their employers have changed. They’re concerned about missed opportunities or skipped promotions that they might have received had they been in the office. They’re burned out from working constantly to keep up with the demands of family, caregiving, work, and the general feeling of anxiety associated with the pandemic. And they’re ready for a change.

Multiple polls and surveys find that as many as a third of workers are ready to change careers or find a new job before 2021 is out. How many of your workers are in that group? It’s time to take action now, or you could be losing some stars to new companies with shinier packages and big promises.

To make sure your company is meeting your employee expectations, take a look at these key concerns from office workers in 2021.

Slowed Career Progression: Career development probably stagnated for many, as changing the workplace overnight didn’t allow for a measured approach to new management and assignment practices. Many employees fear their career and financial progress have both stalled over the past year, and they’re ready to take action to jump another rung on the ladder.

Poor Work-Life Balance: This issue is no secret; employees and journalists and Twitter pundits alike have all been postulating on the lack of balance during the pandemic. Workers who weren’t able to achieve a balance, whether because of workload, poor management, or other factors attributable to the workplace, are planning on finding work the supports their ability to take time off, work normal hours, and spend more time with their family, friends, or hobbies.

Delayed Moves: Many resignations and moves to new jobs can also be attributed to issues which have been simmering since before the pandemic. This is especially true in the health care sector, which has already seen a rise in resignations. Employees who were planning on leaving their jobs, but felt a need to stay put during the pandemic, whether out of a sense of duty or because it was simply too fraught a period to consider a change, are now making their move.

The bottom line: organizations which haven’t taken significant measures to improve employee morale and meet their employee expectations could be in for a hit later in 2021 as employees start to take their talents elsewhere.