Looking for efficiencies in your business? Better productivity is something all businesses strive for. If you’re struggling to balance Human Resources functions in your business, you’re not alone. Managing payroll, benefits, paid time off, leaves, new hires, and countless other HR responsibilities on a daily basis is a huge ask. How much of this could be streamlined with a benefits administration platform? Let’s take a look. 

  1. Centralize a Number of HR Systems

Many HR functions have to work together — for example, consider the ways in which hours and payroll directly affect benefit eligibility, ACA reporting, and PTO availability. If your payroll, benefits, and other systems aren’t talking to each other, who is making up that communications gap? A comprehensive benefits admin platform makes sure all of these systems are sharing data and handling the messy details for you.

There are substantial savings to be found here: setting employees to do repetitive tasks which could be automated are costing U.S. businesses $1.8 trillion per year, according to CIO Insight.

  1. Enhance Employee Communications

Inefficient communications can eat up a lot of time in a day. Just reading and responding to emails can devour 28% of a work week! Tapping better communications strategies can help your team recover some of that time. A benefits platform which includes robust employee communication tools, including pre-written email templates, records of all employee support tickets, and automated notices, will not just streamline communications — it will improve employee satisfaction and engagement with their benefits.

  1. Online Enrollment Systems

Remove paper enrollment from your calendar for good. A benefits admin platform’s online enrollment option will help your employees engage with their benefits and get signed up for the right plan in a fraction of the time spent with in-person enrollment. Online enrollment engines with decision support, side-by-side comparison, video tutorials, and shopping cart-style check-outs with premium payments for each benefit selected all work together to create an easy-to-use ecosystem which empowers employees — and frees up your HR team!

  1. Compliance Updates

How often does health care compliance come up in your business? The constant updates to everything from COBRA administration to FSA usage create a huge headache for HR administrators. With a benefits administration platform, compliance updates are part of the service. Imagine: no more confusion over the latest guidance from government websites, as your team tries to integrate it into your processes.

  1. Employee-Facing Benefits Website

Stop losing employee engagement due to password confusion and multiple websites for different benefits. You can boost employee engagement with a single website, branded to your company, that hosts all of your benefits in one place. A Web Benefits Design Supersite is an employee’s one-stop shop for all things benefits, including benefit explanations, physician finders, tutorials, and more.

Are you ready for a turn-key benefits solution that streamlines your operation? It’s time to take a look at what Web Benefits Design can do for your company. Click here to see examples of what we do, and get started with a benefits admin platform that raises the bar in your HR department!