Your benefits strategy is a massive piece of your company’s overall success. Benefits can count for as much as 35% of your company’s compensation package. When you roll in everything benefits administration encompasses— including payroll, vacation, leaves of absence, healthcare and voluntary benefits enrollment, and more—it can feel like the tasks associated with keeping your company rolling can crowd out everything else in your Human Resources department.

Not only is time a consideration—employee retention and competitiveness in the job market are directly tied to your benefits package and administration prowess. Does your system have what it takes to drive your company’s productivity and growth goals through your most valuable resources: your employees?

Benefits admin is an every day affair.

Every day, your office is tasked with keeping the business running. You’re onboarding new hires, keeping up with COBRA, answering questions about healthcare plans, checking up on eligibility, making sure the paychecks go out on time, and prepping for your annual open enrollment. At the same time, Human Resources is involved with every other department in the company, tasked with creating a more cohesive, productive, and safe workplace.

Do you really have time for everything in such a high-touch position?

Benefits administration solutions streamline your processes, give your team access to the high-quality data you need for decision-making, and provide your employees with seamless access to their benefits. This last one is key, because, increasingly, employees are working for their benefits.

Better benefits packages attract and keep employees on the job.

Your employees are looking at their compensation as more than their biweekly direct deposit. Studies show a majority of employees will take a job with lower pay if the overall benefits package is better than their current one. Employee retention and attracting new, highly-qualified employees has become a game of better benefits.

And if you want to offer those better benefits, you need the time, relationships, and technology to administer them. Staying competitive in your field isn’t just about products—it’s about leveraging a happy, engaged workforce who feels they’re getting back out what they’re putting in.

Deciding on benefits stresses employees out.

Employees want amazing benefits…but they don’t want to think about them. Surveys have found that nearly half of employees find benefits decisions stressful, and another chunk of employees simply delete HR emails rather than reading them. Employees have said again and again: they need help understanding and making decisions about their benefits.

A benefits administration system with easy-to-understand websites, communications, and even interactive decision support tools could be just the answer for your conflicted employees.

With a streamlined and responsive benefits administration program, your department can reduce employee stress, increase your company’s attractiveness to qualified candidates, and hang on to your employees longer. It all sounds like a win, right? Well, we have one more piece of good news for you.

Our carrier relationships could offset the cost of benefits administration.

Could you have your new benefits administration solution pay for itself? Many happy customers actually find it can, adding to their overall cost savings. Could this be the key to your new benefits admin solution?

Contact us to learn more about how WBD’s strong relationships with leading carriers could pay for your tech upgrade.

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