Health care transparency is a hot topic right now. Hospitals, providers, and insurers have developed a complicated system of pricing and fees which make the system increasingly difficult for consumers to decipher. And while the federal government has been working on programs to increase transparency and enhance the customer journey through the health care system, employers can actually facilitate transparency for their employees in a number of ways.

Why Boost Health Care Transparency?

Employers who make health care cost transparency a priority give their employees the opportunity to make sound decisions about their health. When consumers can make decisions based on solid facts, rather than fear of the unknown, both their health and financial outcomes stand to benefit. Employees who understand the costs of health care more clearly can make better decisions about everything from the right benefit plan for their needs, to choosing the right doctors and treatment plans.

Additionally, when employers can see what services cost, they’re in a better position to negotiate their own prices and plans with insurers and providers. Plus, they’re able to educate their employees about the best available facilities for their hard-earned dollar.

How Employers Can Enhance Health Care Transparency

It’s not up to employers to become the experts on their health care options — they have enough to do! Luckily, there are already experts in the field, who can step in to provide assistance to employees when choosing benefits and when navigating the health care system.

Benefits Educators help employees choose the right benefits package. These experts step up to the plate during open enrollment to offer employees a plan review, answer questions they might not be comfortable asking their employers, and to explain health care terms. With health care literacy lagging and many employees confused by some, if not all, of their benefits options, benefits educators are there to make sure employees get the right plan for them.

Health Care Advocates are available all year, not just in open enrollment. Their role is to help employees understand and successfully navigate the health care system. That can come in many forms, such as helping employees identify primary care and specialists in their network, explaining how to use benefits, or resolving claims and clarifying out-of-pocket costs.

Transparency experts make side-by-side comparisons and assist employees with finding the best prices for their services. They provide valuable information to employers and employees alike about the quality and cost among providers, and report on member and plan services.

Measurable Outcomes

Health care educators and advocates provide real data for employers who are seeking to enhance health care transparency for their employees. Employers can save more than 20% on their out-of-pocket costs when assisted by a health care advocate. And when assisted by a transparency expert, a vast majority of employers are able to find a lower cost provider for their care. Plus, gaining the help of experts in the field results in a marked increase in HR staff productivity — as much as 20%.

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