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Anthem announces $2.5 billion credit and aid package

Health insurance provider Anthem has announced a program of credits and cost-sharing waivers to assist patients and providers as the coronavirus pandemic continues. From issuing premium credits to customers, to extending waivers for costs on COVID-19 treatment, to extending additional credits to dental providers to cover their new PPE requirements, it’s a package worth $2.5 billion.

Anthem will waive cost-shares on telehealth and telephone medical visits through September 30, 2020, and on COVID-19 in-network treatment through December 31, 2020.

Additionally, Anthem is also continuing to pledge $50 million in community support for COVID-19 response, including funding for Boys and Girls Clubs, Feeding America, the American Red Cross, and more. You can view full details here.

2021’s ACA Marketplace may have new players

As more Americans deal with unemployment, more insurance providers may be prepping to join state ACA marketplaces. A playing field typically dominated by Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, the marketplaces are poised to become more competitive. Researchers from the Urban Institute have found that while Blue Cross Blue Shield holds most or all of the enrollment of many state marketplaces, new insurers are beginning to pop up, and that’s only going to grow due to a large-scale loss of employer-sponsored insurance. They expect to see more national insurers and Medicaid health plans enter marketplace markets.

Hacking healthcare systems on the rise due to COVID-19 

A lack of attention may be at fault for an increase in medical system cybersecurity breaches. The Department of Health and Human Services reports a nearly 50% increase in reported breaches of hospitals and healthcare provider networks.

Healthcare networks have been complicated with rapid growth in temporary medical facilities, remote monitoring, and telehealth. One expert tells Healthcare Finance: “hackers know that the healthcare industry is a mess right now in terms in cybersecurity.”

The rise in healthcare hacking has gained the attention of NATO, who issued a statement condemning “malicious cyber activities directed against those whose work is critical to the response against the pandemic.”