Does remote work have you feeling a little stretched these days? As Open Enrollment looms, even everyday benefits admin can feel like a challenge with the reality of over-extended employees and hybrid workplace solutions. Many teams report they’re being asked to do a lot more…with a lot less. We could all do with another team member or ten, but for most departments, that’s probably wishful thinking.

Sometimes, though, one change can add up in big ways, saving your company money, streamlining your benefits and payroll administration, and freeing your department up for those hundred-and-one tasks you can’t quite get to. Ready to take complexity out of your life? Flex N Gate did it. Today, let’s look at how this well-known auto parts manufacturer added WBD to their team, and the contributions we were able to make to their success.

The Challenge: Stretched Thin

With far-flung field offices and just one HR professional to manage benefits administration for 14,000 employees, Flex N Gate’s complex benefits and payroll needs were a pain-point that was about to get worse. They already had a benefits-admin system in place — but it was carrier-owned, and being phased out quickly.

They needed a platform which could handle a complex benefits package, with different unions and states all in the mix — plus multiple layers of payroll and cost centers which differed from office to office.

Plus, Flex N Gate’s field offices were run by facility managers who were responsible for daily HR and benefit functions, such as running payroll. They didn’t have to train a dedicated HR team on a new platform — they needed to train dozens of field managers, and keep them up-to-date, on any changes.

Solution: Integration & Training

WBD’s benefits administration solution took on Flex N Gate’s complex needs in less than two months. The new platform was robust: they enrolled 14,000 employees without disruption to benefits or pay. Complications around multiple ADP platforms in use were a challenge, but not a deterrent. Now, WBD processes 250 ADP payroll feeds every month. We also track and report on twenty-eight different FEIN numbers for ACA purposes.

And training is a constant focus. To keep those field managers up on the best ways to serve their employee base, WBD established an ongoing benefits training program for Flex N Gate managers. These managers are responsible for their own billing, reporting, and payroll as well as assisting their direct reports with benefits and compensation. Keeping them up-to-date is essential to the success of the WBD and Flex N Gate story.

A Trusted Team Member

We could all use more team members in our corner, especially as we face round after round of new challenges. That’s one of the differences that sets WBD apart from competitors: we’re not software installers. We’re trusted team members. We’re invested in your success. And we’re willing to do what it takes to create a partnership that stands the test of time.

What could your company do with another team member — one who can save your company money while helping you better serve your employees? Talk to us about your benefits administration needs — click here to learn more about our offerings and see what we can do for you.

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