For many companies, growth means acquisition. When one company acquires another, there’s often a lot of talk about strength in diversity, and growing together. As HR professionals know, though, this doesn’t apply to benefits admin—at least, not at first.

Acquisition and consolidation are great for the bottom line, but they can be incredibly challenging for the Human Resources department. Bringing together separate payroll systems, benefits carriers, and all of the other programs which keep a company humming along: that’s a real challenge.

Today, let’s look at how Covenant Transport, a national leader in trucking, transportation, and logistics, was able to streamline their benefits administration even amidst huge company changes.

The Challenge: Consolidating Multiple Programs Across Multiple Companies

Integrating a workforce across seven companies is a challenge any day of the week. The benefits side of things was a real challenge for the Covenant Transport team: they were faced with outdated programs, broken data streams, multiple carrier systems and payroll systems, and a departing broker.

They knew they could fund a benefits administration solution by increasing broker commissions with a boosted voluntary benefits enrollment, so the challenge was clear: the new system had to get results, right out of the gate.

The Solution: WBD Benefits Admin & Supersite

WBD set about aggregating data and creating the system that would provide Covenant Transport’s first-ever mandatory Open Enrollment. WBD set up the company’s core ben-admin system, along with the supersite, a WBD product which operates as a one-stop benefits shop for the company’s employees.

Integrated programs for Covenant Transport’s benefits admin include COBRA, the use of a call center and telephonic enrollment, ACA, dependent documentation collection, E of I management, discrepancy report management, over-age dependent management, qualifying event management, and new hire outreach.

With all of these tools working together, the company’s open enrollment was a success. Remember that voluntary benefits enrollment was a main goal? There was a 42% increase in enrollment — a fantastic success rate.

Ongoing Results

WBD’s support continues to help Covenant Transport provide benefits and service to their employees. Throughout the year, employees are able to use the WBD call center for questions and to enroll in benefits. 38% of the company’s employees rely on telephonic enrollment. This call center, open 8 AM to 8 PM EST daily, includes customized scripts for each client and offers stats to help companies understand how their employees are utilizing it.

The Covenant Transport supersite provides year-round support to employees. This highly-customized site includes benefit summaries, plan documents and comparisons, plus videos and resources to help employees make informed decisions and get the best use out of their benefits.

New hire outreach and employees who are holding off on open enrollment are kept in the loop and engaged with a multi-pronged communication strategy. Through the use of texts, emails, personal calls, and automated calls, WBD keeps employees notified of their deadlines and helps them enroll before they run out of time.

How can WBD help you?

Are your programs scattered? WBD can bring all of your company’s benefits administration into one place, upgrade your communications, and boost your enrollment numbers. Along the way, you’ll help your company save money, time, and experience improved employee satisfaction and retention.

Visit our What We Do page to learn more about WBD’s technology and service solutions. Then, contact us to set up a demo, or learn more about the customized services we can offer. Your company will be on the right track in no time.