Hiring the best and the brightest requires a lot of things to go right for your recruitment team. Things like: posting for help in the right channels, using the best tools to screen candidates for your organization’s unique culture, and creating a thoughtful interview process which really digs into what both your company and candidate bring to the table.

The right job description, the right candidate, the right interview: it should all go like clockwork, right? But you’re not just selling the job. You’re selling your company. And getting the right candidates to click goes deeper than showing them a job which utilizes their unique blend of talents, technical skills, and desire for growth.

Recruitment can all come down to workplace perks, after all. A compensation package with great benefits is one thing; what about office life, flexible schedules, or relationships with other organizations? Showcase what you’ve got, because it matters. Let’s take a look at some stats that show just how important workplace perks can be for recruitment:

85% – the number of employees who judge a company based on the number of programs and benefits a company offers to help with work-life balance. (Spherion)

80% – the number of millennial workers who said they’d be more loyal to an employer offering flexible options. (FlexJobs)

61% – the number of employees who say they’d take a job with a lower salary but better benefits than another position. (Randstad)

42% – the number of businesses who say pension plans have improved their recruitment ability. (CBI)

Stay a While

Recruitment and retention are always intertwined, so don’t forget to keep your great new hires.

78% – the number of employees who say they’re more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefit program. (WTW)

81% – the number of employees who can easily access their benefits who say they feel loyal to their employer. (Darwin)

77% – the number of employees who say they understand their benefits offerings, and see themselves staying at their organization for the foreseeable future. (Darwin)

Make Benefits & Perks Easy

As you can see from those retention stats, offering benefits can bring employees in the door, but making them accessible and understandable can help keep them in-house for years to come.

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