As Human Resources departments across the country gear up for the annual Open Enrollment period, the shortfalls of current systems are suddenly thrown into the spotlight. Is your department ready for this year’s challenges?

There is still time to make Open Enrollment smooth sailing with a WBD benefits administration platform. Providing your employees with an intuitive online benefits solution has never been easier — and providing your team with a seamless HR dashboard which incorporates employee information, insurance carriers, payroll, communication, training documents, and more. Here’s what you could be providing for your teams and your employees — in just a few weeks’ time!

The Employee Experience

WBD’s Online Enrollment platform makes the 2020 all-virtual benefits experience as easy as shopping on any major e-commerce site. There’s no guessing about premium costs — the shopping cart shows per-paycheck costs for each benefit. Does your company offer incentives or credits? They can be added in for easy reference. Employees can edit their own profiles, and add in family members, upload verification documents, and add beneficiaries for life and voluntary benefits.

Plus, employees won’t miss any necessary updates or items which need revisiting. Important communication is flagged, and employees who need to return for follow-up actions can be automatically messaged.

Throughout the Open Enrollment experience, the WBD call center can be utilized to help high-touch employees who need personalized assistance. With telephonic enrollment, you can be sure you’re taking care of employees who might have technology issues, language barriers, or other reasons to need one-on-one help with their benefits enrollment. Call center teams can use customized scripts, educated employees about benefits, verify coverage, and even engage in targeted text and email messaging.

The Human Resources Experience

Your HR Access dashboard will change the way you access employee data and access reporting — for the better! WBD integrates all of your data points — from employee enrollment, to ACA reporting, to billing — into one easy-to-use program.

On the back end, WBD’s commitment to your company’s success means above-and-beyond connectivity to carrier and payroll feeds. With real-time, synched information connecting 24/7, eligibility is always crystal-clear. Capabilities from COBRA administration to variable hours tracking for ACA makes your HR department hum along with incredible efficiency.

How Long Does It Take?

Yes, you can still take advantage of a WBD benefits admin platform for Open Enrollment 2020. With an average implementation period of six weeks or less, right now is the right time to start your benefits upgrade.

How Can WBD Solve My Company’s Benefits Needs?

View our Client Stories for some real-life situations and learn more about how WBD was able to master tough problems for a variety of companies. Our agile teams have created unique benefits solutions for industries ranging from aviation to healthcare. Then, contact us to learn about designing the perfect benefits administration solution for your company — in less time than you thought possible!