Reaching your employees during open enrollment season is critical. Having more than one way to reach them? That’s essential. Texting services have been providing Human Resources departments with effective communication solutions for years. There are a number of reasons why adding texts to your open enrollment strategy is a good idea: check out this post for details.

When you’re ready to get started with texting, here are some great ways to use the service.

Add a Text Enrollment CTA to Your Collateral

If you’re using print, email, or digital signage to push out enrollment information, encourage employees to sign up for text message reminders. Everyone is forgetful! The promise of a helpful reminder when enrollment opens will be appealing to many employees.

Consider an Incentive Program for Signups

Company swag, movie tickets, a gift card — what can you offer employees to incentivize text message signups? Push the possibility of winning just for joining the texting service, and pick some random winners from enrollees.

Segment Your Messaging by Demographic

Different age groups and family situations have different priorities — and respond to different kinds of communication. If your text enrollment is on the rise, you could have the population you need to really optimize your messaging by tailoring it to match special interests and needs. Check out our guide to generational messaging here.

Announce Open Enrollment Has Begun

It’s as effective as a calendar update: up pops the announcement, and your employees know now is the time to get cracking on selecting next year’s benefits. Provide a couple of quick links, such as to a page explaining how to enroll, an FAQ, and where to find login information or update that password.

Remind Non-Enrollees About Deadlines

Using your ability to segment employees, you can identify tardy enrollees and get them on the right track with reminder texts as deadlines approach.

Ready to get started with texting? Text message blasts are part of WBD’s managed services and call center offerings. In addition to that, WBD’s HR Access makes it easy to segment populations and track targeted messaging. Contact us today to learn more about streamlining your benefits and creating a better Open Enrollment with WBD.