Tech has always been the answer to a company’s productivity pains, and never more so than in the great work-from-home years of 2020-2021. But now, increasingly niche tech could be slowing your employees down. Working virtually has left departments completely dependent on their tech. That brings program inefficiencies to light, as workflow engineer Terry Simpson told Employee Benefit News.

Simpson points out that productivity is a challenge when there are multiple systems to use and update.

“Too many apps, not enough time” is not a new problem, even if the remote needs of the pandemic have exacerbated the issue. As long ago as 2018, office workers were saying that they waste time jumping between apps. According to a RingCentral survey, nearly 7 out of ten workers waste up to an hour of work daily — just by navigating around their different apps.

And they’re not just saying they’re wasting time — they’re wasting brain power. 56% of respondents found searching for information in different apps disruptive to their day, and 46% found toggling between apps made their work more chaotic. Somewhat predictably, 31% of respondents said they lost their train of thought while jumping from app to app. Think of how that would apply today, with “brain fog” a common complaint amongst people trying to deal with working during a pandemic.

It turns out that Human Resources employees are especially at risk of wasting their precious time on overlapping or inefficient technology solutions.

That’s because the HR environment is dominated by programs designed to take on one small aspect of the payroll, benefits, and employee admin experience. The tracking responsibilities and eligibility questions are immense, and differ so drastically between different ares — retirement, wellness, voluntary, payroll — that one might well think there’s simply too much for one platform to handle.

The future of workplace collaboration isn’t in fragmented work and bouncing chaotically from one app to the next in search of information or communications. It’s single platform, where everything an employee needs to conquer their workload is in one place.

Web Benefits Design brings the holistic workplace to life with a suite of Human Resources offerings all contained within the HR Access dashboard. It’s an HR HQ, with everything from employee records to COBRA to communications all in one place. Administrators can send out a message to filtered members of their organization using a built-in email template, access the communication records for an employee with an ongoing support request, and manage payroll without ever switching apps.

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