Paper files. Face-to-face meetings. Benefit updates. Has the constant influx of change increased pressure on your benefits administration?

Maybe the added impacts of COVID-19 have illuminated cracks in your system. Maybe you’ve been thinking about upgrading for years, but have doubts about whether your workforce is ready for change. Maybe you’ve been told the need just isn’t there. Whatever the reason, if your benefits admin needs a modernizing magic wand, now is the time to make it happen.

To give you some ideas for how your benefits admin could make your life better (instead of harder!) we have some case studies showcasing just what WBD does for companies. Today, we’ll look at Crown. This company services the healthcare industry’s vast laundry needs. With a largely blue-collar workforce spread across many work sites, working all sorts of shifts, and speaking a multitude of languages, communication with employees was both a huge challenge, and utterly vital.

The Challenge

With a program including face-to-face enrollment meetings, paper documentation, and a basic benefits package, it was time for a change. Crown wanted to ease the hassle and travel required for in-person enrollments, as well as create better voluntary benefits options for employees — all while providing an online experience that was easy for everyone to understand and navigate. And most importantly, these upgrades had to include support for employees who might be challenged by online enrollments and admin requirements.

The Solution

Web Benefits Design’s supersite, with its easy-to-use interface and customized specifications, would be a key solution to Crown’s benefits conundrum. With the company’s new benefits carriers, products, and educational materials all loaded in one place, Crown was able to launch a successful open enrollment which revolutionized the benefits offerings for their employees.

A custom enrollment video removed the hassle of travel and the time expenditure of in-person enrollment meetings at different work locations. And a call center staffed by WBD’s trained representatives were on hand to assist with any employee questions.

With these tools on hand, Crown’s employees were able to enjoy new benefits, handle their enrollments online, and find expert support when they needed it. The company not only increased employee participation —  they also saw an increase of 25% on commissionable revenue with voluntary products.

How long did all of this take? Web Benefits Design delivered Crown’s new supersite, configured to their business rules and eligibility specifications, created carrier self-bills for voluntary benefits, launched open enrollment and created a custom enrollment video for employees — with a two-week lead time.

How can automation and better communication benefit your employees? Explore the many custom options WBD can create for you, and request a demo to see what your new benefits administration could look like. If you’ve been dreaming of an easier way to serve your teams the benefits they need, WBD can help you do it.