Enroll from Home

Public interest in shopping from home has continued to rise, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Add in the Covid-19 realties of continued office closures, limited availability of meeting spaces, and social distancing protocols, and you’ve got a perfect storm of trouble for any company without a robust online shopping experience ready for Open Enrollment.

Consumers want mobile experiences, easy shopping, and round-the-clock access. The growing number of Millennials and Gen Z employees in the workforce don’t just want it, they expect it. What can benefits administrators take away from e-commerce trends and statistics? Take a look:

Mobile Shopping

The majority of e-commerce transactions take place on mobile devices, including tablets. In fact, a significant number of Americans don’t have desktop computers or laptops. According to Pew Research, four in ten adults with lower incomes do not have home broadband or a desktop or laptop computer. Smartphone-only households actually increased from 2013 to 2021. Providing a mobile-responsive website for online benefits enrollment isn’t just smart — it’s essential.

User Experience Matters

As Millennials make up half of all adults, and Gen Z enters the workforce, online shopping and enrollment stops being a perk and turns into a requirement. These digital-first generations come from an on-demand culture. Their expectations for benefits enrollment are like their expectations for everything else: online, at the drop of a hat, whenever they want it. Paper-driven or online enrollment with poor user experience is going to result in a decline in engagement. It might even lead to a lack of confidence in the benefits and employer. After all, they reason, who doesn’t have an easy-to-use website in 2021?

Personalized Shopping Assistance

Benefits are confusing. That’s a given. At the same time, e-commerce is solving difficult purchases through a variety of personalized experiences. From chatbots to augmented reality, consumers are able to make decisions with help from tech. Now experiences which used to be in-person, such as purchasing eyeglasses, are moving online. Benefits enrollment can employ similar strategies with personalized Decision Support tools, as well as online video libraries designed to explain the tough principles of benefits.

Simple Price Transparency

“What’s this all going to cost me?” It’s easy to fill a shopping cart online. It’s also easy to see what’s in it, and delete excess purchases to stay in budget. Online benefits enrollment can work the same way. When a user can access their cart and see exactly what they’re enrolling in, and what their per-paycheck costs will be, they can make informed decisions — and maybe throw in something they didn’t have on the shopping list.

Your company can easily turn all these e-commerce trends into online enrollment reality. The team of experts at Web Benefit Designs has solutions ready for mobile responsive online enrollment, including Decision Support and a shopping cart experience. Click here to see just what your benefits site could be.

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