Change is coming to your workplace this winter. That’s not meant to be ominous. It’s a simple fact that companies are going to have to deal with throughout the 2020-2021 winter season. Throughout the U.S. — indeed, around the world — shifts in lockdown requirements will change the way all of us do business. From what makes a workplace “essential,” to what buying power a region has during a severe lockdown, a season of constant change is on the way.

Through it all, Human Resources departments will be leading the charge to keep employees informed, safe, and compensated correctly. The right benefits administration platform can support your team’s efforts to lead through change, maintaining productivity and keeping your employees on top of everything they need to stay safe this winter.

So, how do you prepare your workplace for a season of change? A Web Benefits Design benefits administration solution can help. Here are four key ways you can support your teams with WBD’s help.

Monitoring Communications

Staying in touch with your employees is priority number one. Urgent announcements like workplace closures, emergency phone numbers, and reporting information for essential personnel all need to be shared effectively. Keep close tabs on your comms and explore different options with WBD’s communication options, which include the ability to send out SMS text blasts, pin announcement banners to your company’s Supersite portal, and more.

Recording Call Center Interactions

WBD’s call center option takes the pressure of a ringing phone off your HR team. If your company could potentially see shifts to your workforce’s employment status — such as furloughs or temporary reductions in hours — you’ll be fielding many questions about benefits. Our call center agents log information about every conversation, so that your team can get important data on needed follow-up, missing information, or trending questions.

Learn more about the WBD Call Center.

Offering One Source for Benefits Information

In a health crisis, your employees will have questions about their benefits.  What is covered, what facilities are available, is telehealth available? Make it easy for them with a WBD Supersite. Our most popular feature, this fully customized site puts the power of your benefits program to work for your employees, with simple organization of a wealth of information. Supersites house your employees’ benefit elections, out-of-pocket costs, and even help them find local in-network practices. It’s an incredible tool to keep your employees informed and empowered during these challenging times.

Learn more about the WBD Supersite.

Integrating Payroll and Employee Status Changes

In 2020, we saw how workforces can expand and contract to meet the changing requirements of both government regulation and market demand. Changes to employee status, such as reduction in hours, furlough, or even lay-offs can all have serious implications for your payroll and benefits. Factors ranging from ACA reporting to COBRA benefits all need to be accounted for — to say nothing of making sure your employees’ status changes and paychecks are accurate during every payroll period. WBD’s HR Access platform allows your HR team to manage multiple payroll feeds, seamlessly administer COBRA, switch employee statuses with intuitive dashboards, and manage ACA data. See more on HR Access here.

Are you ready to strengthen your workplace and provide better tools to your employees as we head into a new season of challenges? Help establish a resilient and flexible workforce by preparing now. Talk to WBD today about how we can help your Human Resources team lead the way in a time of change.