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CVS Rapid-Result Testing Sites Expand

CVS Health’s rapid-result COVID-19 testing facilities are expanding through the rest of 2020, with 1,000 more locations opening soon. Offering test results in about 30 minutes, the sites will also offer on-site consultations for those who test negative but have symptoms of illness which could be influenza or strep throat. CVS Health is also offering rapid testing through its Return Ready program, which assists organizations such as businesses and universities in reopening safely.

The rapid-result tests are considered key to minimizing community spread of COVID-19. In contrast, over the summer months, many people were waiting a week or more for their test results.

CMS Will Require Price Transparency for Private Health Plans

Group health plans and health insurance insures will be required to provide easy-to-understand, personalized information on cost-sharing of healthcare services, as well as share the rates they pay providers for specific services. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) says price transparency will help drive down healthcare costs.

The changes will be rolled out over three years, with full online shopping tools for consumers which showcase costs and payments for procedures, drugs, medical equipment, and other items by 2024. More: Healthcare Finance

Telehealth’s Share of Medical Claims Continues Rise

The share of medical health claims related to telehealth rose more than 3000% year over year in August 2020, with just over 6% of claims, according to data from FAIR Health. Telehealth is expected to account for 20% of all medical visits in 2020.

Telehealth companies are continuing to expand during the boom, rolling out new innovations rapidly. Amwell is partnering with Google Cloud to embrace AI and machine learning in an effort to strengthen virtual visits, and working with Tyto Care on a remote, handheld examination device which patients can use at home and pair with Amwell’s platform.

A recent survey from UnitedHealth found that 56% of Americans think it’s likely they would use virtual care, and 26% would prefer a virtual relationship with a primary care doctor.