Is working from home the new normal? For some companies, it is certainly looking that way. Whether it’s the entire workforce or just certain segments, many businesses are choosing to keep work-from-home the status quo, rather than reopening offices which might have be challenging to rearrange for social and physical distancing requirements.

Away from team members, group lunches, and water-cooler conversation, some employees might be finding that their connection to work is growing weaker. A strong company culture helps employees feel they’re doing work that is valuable and worth their time… so how can you continue to promote teamwork and company pride when the office is closed?

Keep casual conversations going

Part of work culture is socializing. While you can offer structured socializing opportunities to bring everyone to their webcam for an hour or two, this option isn’t right for everyone. After all, many employees are feeling the strain of shared spaces with spouses, family members, and roommates who are also used to spending eight to twelve hours of their day out of the house. Adding a “fun” meeting to their calendar might just be another obligation.

Instead, open up lines of communication for more casual conversation. Creating Slack channels or Workplace groups specifically for themes like Work From Home, Meditation, Virtual Volunteering, and the like can bring coworkers together over common interests and struggles. Even hobbyist groups which encourage friendships within the company are ways to strengthen the ties binding your employees together in one culture.

Remind them why they chose your company

Is your company active in community organizations, working for a better world, or providing a service which enriches lives? Building a company culture around strong values and giving back to the community instills pride and loyalty, even in employees who aren’t likely to show up for a volunteer session themselves.

Keep producing internal communications which showcase the reasons your employees can be proud of your company. It might be especially helpful to highlight local programs, or volunteer opportunities employees can take up from home or with safety measures in place.

Don’t forget celebrations

Are office birthdays and service anniversaries a big deal in your company? Don’t let the opportunity for a party pass your teams by just because everyone’s at home. Look for opportunities to recognize your employees on their big days. Something as simple as mailing a card goes a long way to help an employee know they’re remembered and valued. Some companies are sending flowers, organizing video call parties, or setting up social networking groups specifically to celebrate and recognize employees hitting milestones.

Company culture is what binds your teams together and instills a sense of meaning in their work. With so many people working from home, strong digital communication is more important than ever. Do you need help building a communication network? WBD has solutions. Contact us to get started on a stronger, more engaged work-from-home team.