Have you covered everything your employees need to know for September? If your communications calendar is a little messy, here are some helpful reminders every employer can use to keep their employees on the right track as we close out the first month of autumn.

  1. Have you checked your benefits recently?

A lot of employees ignore their benefits until they absolutely have to use them! In this case, they probably haven’t thought about their benefits much since last year. . . and chances are, they’re not going to give this year’s election much thought, either. Head them off with a handy reminder that they need to look at how much they’re paying, determine if they’ve gotten any use out of their benefits, and decide if they should look for a new plan in the coming open enrollment.

They might even find they can sneak in biometric screenings or physicals under the wire, saving some extra money.

  1. Take a look at beneficiaries and dependents.

With open enrollment on the way, employees can start getting some of their life events over the past year onto the books and documented for plan changes. Whether a child has been born (or aged out of their parents’ coverage!) or a beneficiary for a 401(k) or life insurance has changed, remind your employees that these updates often require documentation, and make sure they know what they need, and how to submit it.

  1. Educate employees with Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Insurance groups come together to provide educational campaigns around life insurance every September. Your benefits providers’ messaging is perfect for designing communications that help your employees make decisions around investing in these benefits. Or, you might want to encourage management to engage in team talks which explain why they personally invest in life insurance and other supplemental insurance plans.

There’s always something to discuss when putting together a human resources communications calendar. Does your team need help maintaining employee communications? Talk to Web Benefits Design about our many tools that help Human Resources teams engage with their employees every day.