Web Benefits Design offers full-service benefits administration outsourcing solutions that provide both HR professionals and their employees with a suite of unique technology, administration, compliance, and communications solutions. We understand that no two employers are alike and tailor our benefits administration solutions to meet the needs of each individual client. Web Benefits Design offers benefits administration solutions on an “Employer-Choice” basis, allowing individual clients to select which tools and services best fit their company’s workflows and goals.

Branded Benefits Supersite

Employee communications and ongoing engagement is our specialty!  We live in a world of TMI (too much information) and employers need help effectively targeting a diverse, multi-generational workforce.  WBD’s core focus has always been on creating a branded, multi-pronged communication strategy that springboards from a customized benefits website styled with the client’s logo, colors and personality – along with the brokers logo.  Our team of Supersite content stylists will infuse energy and spark into your benefits program!

• Benefit comparisons and calculators
• Benefit summaries, SPD’s and SBC’s
• Links to providers, carriers and formularies
• Forms, flyers and brochures
• Carrier group# and contact information
• Compliance and employer notifications
• HR policies and manuals
• New hire on-boarding materials
• Videos and decision support

Online Benefit Shopping

Employees enjoy an intuitive, online enrollment experience that is engaging and personalized.

• Shopping cart with per paycheck costs for each benefit
• Ability to add or edit your profile or your family profile
• Beneficiaries are captured for life and voluntary benefits
• Easy options to complete Evidence of Insurability
• Ability to show employer credits or incentives
• Videos and banners to emphasize important messages
• Intelligent logic that drives user experience
• Auto-message employees that require follow up actions
• Access to 1095C form(s)
• Benefit confirmation statement

Ben-Admin (HR Access)

HR Access is a powerful engine designed specifically to manage benefit information on a macro and micro level. HR Access is customized for the admin user with

• Search employees
• View history
• Add, term or modify employees records
• Secure file import
• Manage pending requests
• ACA reporting
• COBRA administration
• Manage voluntary benefits
• Unlimited reporting tools
• Auto-schedule self-bills
• Target message employees

Multi-lingual Call Center

Many employers need call center assistance to supplement the online enrollment experience. Most commonly, clients transition from a paper or manual environment, clients with a high population of hourly, high-turnover employees, or with a high population of non-English speaking employees. We become an extension of your HR department!

• Telephonic open enrollment
• Voluntary benefits enrollment
• Verification of coverage
• Customizable call scripts
• Benefit education
• Automated outbound calls and text


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COBRA Administration

With Web Benefits Design, COBRA is fully integrated with the enrollment and eligibility logic from our benefits administration platform. When employees or dependents are terminated, COBRA packets are automatically generated and go out within two business days. WBD transmits termination information to carriers on a regular basis – and will correctly capture “Active” vs. “COBRA” status. In other words – no more manual intervention is required to make sure COBRA participants get enrolled correctly.

Detailed member reports are provided along with COBRA disbursements. The primary benefit administration platform allows you to easily run reports “with” and “without” COBRA participants. In addition, our ACA application will capture all COBRA members and report correctly on the 1094 and 1095 forms. Again, no manual intervention is necessary – our integrated platform does all the work!

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ACA Compliance & Reporting

WBD provides ACA reporting and eligibility management as an integrated part of our benefits administration platform. Like COBRA, ACA is part of the eligibility logic with the ability to laser into each member’s eligibility on a current and historical basis. As such, WBD provides one-stop-shopping for the following ACA services:

• 1094 and 1095 form generation
• IRS E-filing services
• Form distribution and mailing
• Variable hours measurement and tracking
• Compliance tools to help employers manage the Section 6055 and 6056 reporting requirements


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Decision Support Videos

We all know that people learn and absorb information in various ways and need exposure to the same information multiple times in order fully comprehend the message.  A proper communication strategy combines several of the following elements: audio, video, online tools, text, email, enrollment meetings, webinars, power point presentations, booklets, posters, peer review, co-worker testimonials, insurance company materials, and more.

Videos are one of the most powerful tools to reach employees. Web Benefits Design offers a wide selection of creative, engaging videos and decision support tools to help explain your benefits.

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Employee Communications

Effective benefits communication has never been more crucial to open enrollment success. Available to everyone, whether you use WBD for benefits or not. From communication theory and strategies to tactics and templates, this Digital Communications Package is designed to help you boost employee engagement!

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Dependent Documentation Management

Web Benefits Design offers a thorough dependent verification and tracking process that documents all employee communication and transactions and will attach dependent documentation to individual employee’s records. Our Benefits Administration system auto approves the new hire employee elections and pends the elections for dependents.

We will send an email to the employee requesting documentation applicable to the type of dependent the employee wants to add to coverage and will continue to follow up with employees via emails and outbound phone calls until appropriate documentation is received and validated. Dependent documentation can be provided by the employee through the enrollment system, by the HR contact via the Super Cloud, or sent directly to Web Benefits Design and uploaded internally.

Evidence of Insurability Management

The system can be configured to administer the differences between new hires, qualifying events, late entrants and open enrollment. The WBD Evidence of Insurability (EOI) management solution provides the human capital services of our expert team who coordinates and communicates with the carrier contacts and carrier system regarding pending/outstanding transactions that require underwriting/carrier approval. WBD will follow-up weekly with each employee to remind them to complete the EOI process. WBD will check carrier reports or the carrier systems to view all approved or declined requests. Upon approval or declination, WBD will communicate with the employee and provide an updated benefit confirmation statement and transmit the updated payroll deduction on the next payroll file.

Discrepancy Reports

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) department is responsible for ensuring the correct transmission of each EDI file that is sent. Each time we send a file, the carrier will generate a discrepancy report outlining any records that did not process correctly or had errors that need to be managed on the employer’s end. These reports can be arduous to handle, but somebody has to do it! If you would like the WBD team to manage these processes for you, we’ve built an infrastructure combining technology and workflow tools to seamlessly manage the granular details of your eligibility – and guarantees 100% eligibility accuracy!

New Hire Management

The Web Benefits Design system can efficiently handle initial enrollment as a new hire and can accommodate complex logic regarding eligibility, waiting periods, benefit start dates that may differ by product, and EOI rules for voluntary life, voluntary STD, voluntary LTD, and critical illness/cancer.

Web Benefits Design’s benefits administration system can send out automatic new hire notifications that are customized by the client reminding new hires of their benefits and eligibility rules as well as generate weekly reports for new hires who are within their 30-day enrollment window.

Data Management

We understand that the security of individuals’ personal and health information is paramount. Our continued success relies on our ability to sustain a robust program consistent with industry information security standards in order to maintain confidentiality requirements concerning employee benefits.

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Mailing & Fulfillment

Web Benefits Design offers mailing services before and after open enrollment. A customized letter and Benefits Confirmation Statement (BCS) can be mailed to each employee’s home address confirming open enrollment information, instructions, and benefit elections.

Additionally, clients using our ACA Compliance and Reporting tool and our integrated COBRA Administration can take advantage of our mailing service. Web Benefits Design will mail COBRA packets to terminated employees who elect in COBRA, as well as perform ACA reporting, printing of 1094 and 1095 C forms, and the printing and distribution of employees’ completed W2 forms.

Benefit Confirmation Statement

Web Benefits Design provides various levels of mailing and distribution services for clients. Prior to enrollment, we offer customizable marketing pieces that provide instructions on how to log in and access the client enrollment system. After the enrollment process has been completed, a Benefit Confirmation Statements (BCS) is provided to the user. The WBD system offers a one-page version designed to be printed and mailed in a windowed envelope. The benefits administration system also generates a multi-page BCS that highlights specific details and effective dates for each benefit election. BCSs are available in print and online. WBD will mail BCSs before and/or after open enrollment. This will significantly decrease confusion, phone calls, and administrative challenges during your annual open enrollment period.


Web Benefits Design works with companies of all sizes to develop employee benefit solutions on the cutting edge of technology and value. Our ancillary benefits administration solutions act as an extension of an employer’s HR department – a full-service benefits resource center. Web Benefits Design integrated benefits administration platform streamlines many of the HR administrative tasks with the most comprehensive and cost-effective enrollment, communication and administration solutions on the market.

Medical Waiver

The Web Benefits Design online enrollment system manages medical waiver verification by requiring employees verify they have alternative medical coverage if not electing in the employer-sponsored medical plan. Employees must select to “Waive Medical Coverage” to proceed with the enrollment process. Our innovative, flexible benefits administration system can be configured to default annual enrolled to the previous coverage. If a client chooses to have a passive enrollment, based on client-specifications, employees can default into specific medical plans or past elections, as well as pend certain elections (such as pend waiver of medical coverage until Proof of Other Coverage is provided).

Beneficiary Management

Our system is extremely customizable when it comes to collecting, managing, and reporting on beneficiary information during open enrollment as well as throughout the year. Our system configuration allows us to make mandatory the primary, as well as the contingent, beneficiaries depending upon the group’s preferences. Furthermore, the options to add a beneficiary (primary or contingent) are customized for each client to accommodate the specific requirements of their employee population.

Portability & Conversion Management

The Web Benefits Design platform is a cloud-based portability and conversion management solution that is accessible from any mobile or personal computing device with an internet connection. We understand that it may be difficult for clients’ to obtain accurate data history from data sources. So, Web Benefits Design has a knowledgeable and experienced data expert team that can manipulate and reformat data to seamlessly transmit EDI files to and from third-party vendors.


Security is not a one-time event or a single technology. We believe security begins with having the correct processes in place and having our team correctly trained and well versed in these processes. With the correct security procedures and goals already established, we can seamlessly implement the appropriate controls and technologies to ensure the security of individuals’ personal and health information. Our continued success relies on our ability to sustain a robust program consistent with industry information security standards in order to maintain confidentiality requirements concerning employee benefits.

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