COBRA Administration

Often the most difficult challenges facing employers and benefits plan administrators is dealing with COBRA participants in a compassionate, but balanced manner. Almost every COBRA qualifying event is a challenging and trying time for former employees and dependents. It is also often a stressful time for the HR team and benefits plan administrators. Web Benefits Design effectively manages the liability, expense, and burdens associated with the complex COBRA laws by providing an independent voice to assist employees dealing with a qualifying event, including job loss.

COBRA should not be an afterthought.  COBRA should integrate into your daily benefits administration with the ability to manage open enrollment, eligibility changes and member payment activity.

COBRA presents three unique challenges to employers:

Staying in compliance with the constantly changing, complex COBRA regulations.

Clearly communicating COBRA rights and procedures to affected employees.

Helping COBRA eligible plan members deal with unfamiliar issues at a time of emotional stress.

Our primary objective is to provide complete COBRA outsourcing to our clients so that all COBRA questions, support, and member issues are handled by our capable staff. Web Benefits Design’s COBRA solutions will ultimately save money, time, administrative resources, and eliminate the risk of non-compliance

Seamless Integration

Web Benefits Design provides seamless COBRA administration that is integrated with our online enrollment system capabilities, client-specific benefits websites, and employee benefits call center. 

COBRA administration services include: initial notification to new hires and new enrollees, qualifying event election notice, monthly payment coupons, notification of late payment or insufficient funds, notification of upcoming expiration and termination, and open enrollment communications. 

All COBRA packets are processed within 48 hours of termination notification. Member packets are customized based on the plans and election options available based on the member’s coverage status. Members have access to WBD toll-free customer service with help regarding benefit eligibility, payment status, payment options, or enrollment assistance. WBD will provide premium remittance reports, payment status reports, participant election reports, and activity tracking reports. Employers will be reimbursed on a quarterly basis.

The COBRA process is fully supported by a staff of highly trained COBRA-certified professionals that can assist your members with the following issues:

  • Eligibility questions
  • Enrollment assistance
  • Premium collection
  • Understanding benefits
  • Open enrollment changes
  • Issuing new ID cards
  • Claims processing and resolution

COBRA Member Services

Web Benefits Design’s dedicated COBRA customer service team administers all aspects of COBRA administration:

  • Initial notification using client-specific, customized COBRA packets
  • Qualifying event election notice
  • Tracking of election timelines
  • Monthly payment coupons
  • Collection of monthly premiums
  • Customer service for COBRA members
  • Open enrollment communication to COBRA members
  • Miscellaneous communications including partial payments, credit balances, insufficient funds notification, etc.
  • Generate billing statements as needed
  • Termination letters
  • HIPAA certificate of creditable coverage
  • Benefit confirmation statements
  • Resources to assist employees in gaining insurance after COBRA is exhausted here

COBRA Reporting Capabilities

Web Benefits Design’s reporting capabilities provide our clients with accurate, customized reporting on all system activities including:

  • Participant information
  • Benefit plans
  • Premiums
  • Payment status
  • Electronic copies of all correspondence
  • Election notices
  • Qualifying events
  • Enrollment records

In addition, your Web Benefits Design COBRA representative will provide standard monthly, quarterly and annual reports detailing all COBRA participant activity, as well as applicable “Assistance Eligible Individual” participant information as required by the COBRA subsidy compliance legislation.

Web Benefits Design’s COBRA Team

Web Benefits Design‘s compliance experts and customer support team will:

  • Ensure your company meets all DOL notification requirements
  • Archive electronic copies of all correspondence and notifications
  • Maintain updated COBRA forms, packets, rates and COBRA rights information on your client-specific website
  • Provide full support in the event of a COBRA IRS audit
  • Immediately notify our clients, members and COBRA participants of applicable, mandatory legislative changes
  • Provide access to an ERISA attorney as necessary
  • Provide answers to all your COBRA questions
  • Administer state-specific COBRA plans (i.e. CAL COBRA)
  • Manage and support all aspects of COBRA administration in a superior manner

COBRA Compliance and Legislation

COBRA administration is a complex business – especially with the recent legislation changes and the ever-changing scope of healthcare reform. Non-compliance can result in stiff penalties, legal fees, and productivity losses. The IRS currently performs over a dozen audit procedures for COBRA compliance and places the burden of proof of compliance on the company. Unnecessary COBRA claims are costly and often the responsibility of the employer rather than the insurance carrier. Legal fees, penalties, and employee time spent on an audit can be significant.

Fortunately, there’s Web Benefits Design, we are the COBRA compliance and administration experts. We have the tools, experience, knowledge and dedication you need to ensure that your company is COBRA compliant. Web Benefits Design’s integrated COBRA services provide clients with administration that meets all of the COBRA regulatory requirements. Moreover, our administration includes additional services that are not required by the regulations, but provide critical functions necessary for a comprehensive COBRA and HIPAA administration program.

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