Data Management

We understand that the security of individuals’ personal and health information is paramount. Our continued success relies on our ability to sustain a robust program consistent with industry information security standards in order to maintain confidentiality requirements concerning employee benefits.

Feed & Integration

Electronic file feeds are one of our specialties. We have a department of data experts who solely focus on establishing and maintaining Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connections with carriers, HRIS/payroll vendors, FSA administrators, Wellness program administrators, and other third parties. We have over 300 EDI connections already established with many major national carriers and payroll providers. We can and will work with any carrier/payroll/third party system that will accept an electronic file feed. We establish seamless data transmission by formatting feeds for all the "major" carriers that are in the marketplace. Our method of transferring electronic eligibility data is dependent up the type of coverage and the carrier or party to whom we are transmitting data. Web Benefits Design's data experts can format data to meet each of the vendor's/system's specific requirements.

All data interfaces and file feeds to carriers/HRIS/payroll/third parties are fully automated, and Web Benefits Design transmits full EDI files on a weekly basis (Sunday nights regardless of holidays), which essentially acts as a full audit of the client/carrier data ensuring the systems remain in sync and to ensure to maintain data integrity. A series of data validation checks and balances are instituted upon each data load to preserve the accuracy and integrity of the existing data.

Eligibility Management

Web Benefits Design is an industry leader in customized benefits administration technology. We offer a flexible, robust, web-based solution for all your shopping, enrollment and eligibility, billing, reporting, and interfacing with carriers. We guarantee accurate carrier date feeds on a weekly basis as well as discrepancy report management and eligibility auditing support to keep our client data and billing records current and clean. Furthermore, we know carriers are asked to accommodate creative wellness incentives and consumer driven healthcare plans, so we built an administrative platform that ensures accuracy and administrative success.  

Discrepancy Report Management

Web Benefit Design’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) department is responsible for ensuring the proper transmission of each EDI file that is sent as well as handling the discrepancy reports for each client.  A series of data validation checks and balances are instituted upon each data load to preserve the accuracy and integrity of the existing data. All carrier feeds are full files, which constitutes a "full audit" on a weekly basis to ensure the systems remain in sync. Imports received from the carrier can include discrepancy reports calling attention to any details that are different from their data, such as eligibility dates. Discrepancies can be managed by the group directly, or, for a minimal fee, handled through our EDI department.