Writing a new email every time you have to correspond with an employee? There’s no time for that! If you’re reinventing the wheel every time you have to send out a routine correspondence, from requests to reminders, there’s an easier way. Your team needs email templates to do this work for you.

Consider the email comms you send out the most often. Open Enrollment reminders, documentation requests, eligibility notifications — all of these emails look pretty much the same. Or rather, they should. If HR team members are writing these emails out every single time, you could be seeing some varying levels of quality, professionalism, and even accuracy in the emails your employees are receiving.

What’s the solution? You could invest some time in building email templates. Or, you could use the built-in email templates that come with WBD’s benefits administration platform. Fully integrated with a communications log which maintains a complete record of phone and email interactions with an employee, these email templates do all the heavy lifting of email comms for you. Like a virtual filing cabinet, but easier to search, your employee communications are simplified in a number of ways—email is just one of the ways we’ve made HR-employee communications simple.

Email Templates for Human Resources

Inside the platform, a dropdown offers you dozens of email templates regarding everything from New Hire Enrollment to Dependent Documentation. These email templates are carefully edited and typo-free, keeping your communications professional even if writing isn’t your team’s strongest talent!

Whether you’re sending out a notice about opening an HSA, or a reminder for an employee’s biometric screening, the email you need is probably already in the WBD template library. All you have to do is select the email you want, and you can then customize every field, including To, From, CC, BCC, Subject, and Body Content. You can even attach files and request Read Receipts from the receiver.

Once the email is ready to send, the communication can easily be logged for future reference. These features make for a smooth experience when multiple team members are communicating with employees. It’s easy to see what has already been discussed, and what still needs to be dealt with on both ends of the communication. And because the email bodies are composed already, there’s no difference in writing style, terminology, or information being sent by multiple team members.

Are you ready to simplify your communications with email templates? Talk to WBD today about the time and money your company will save with our benefits administration solutions!