How is your workplace going to effectively communicate about Open Enrollment? If you’ve scrambled in years past, make this year’s enrollment season go smoothly with great graphics and a unified theme.

You’re marketing your Open Enrollment package to your employees, just like your company’s marketing department is marketing to potential customers. Take a few simple principles from the marketing playbook and attach them to your Open Enrollment campaign strategy. Our digital communications package makes it even easier.

So, what do you need to know? Let’s look at the basics of digital marketing comms that get clicks.

The Rule of 7

First and most importantly: repetition is what gets through to customers. Have you ever heard of the Rule of 7? That’s the marketing principle which states a potential buyer needs to see or hear a message seven times before they actually buy a product or service. It was developed by movie studio marketing departments in the 1930s, but it’s actually even more effective now, because we reach our potential customers in so many different ways every day.

Think about all the ways you can reach your employees on a daily or weekly basis: email updates, company portal homepages, break room flyers, internal TV loops — to name just a few!

Every one of these outlets can work in tandem to get your employees from zero viewings to seven. Make the messaging stick by keeping it consistent. Pick a theme and stick to it through all of your communications, from emails to flyers.

Great Design Matters in Marketing

Design gets attention first. Words come later. In today’s digital-first world, great graphics are more important than ever. As you strategize your Rule of 7 marketing to get people clicking into your Open Enrollment period, consider how your graphic design is going to grab their attention, over and over again. Choose artwork which is going to trigger dynamic emotional reactions from your employees, helping them associate the potential of their benefits with their emotions.

Great Communications Packages Are In Reach

Are you a graphic design major? A self-taught digital imaging genius? No? Well, don’t worry about it — we’ve got you covered.

Our marketing experts have come up with ten beautiful communications packages which will pull all of your Open Enrollment messaging into unified, attention-grabbing graphics you can spread across every platform.

Social media, email, bulletin boards, internal TV, website messaging, even downloadable PDF ebooks — get it all in one convenient, easy to use package. Choose from graphics which appeal to your workplace’s culture, including energizing, heartwarming, and teamwork-inspired designs.

Each graphic is customized with your company’s logo and branding, and directs employees to your benefits website to get them started with enrollment.

These digital marketing packages include a 10-page digital guidebook to benefits enrollment in an easy-to-read PDF format, an HTML email to schedule those email blasts, a digital poster and digital flyer for your meeting spaces and web portals, and an informative video billboard for internal programming.

With these tools, you can reach out to employees, get their attention, explain how to sign up for benefits, and even give details on available plans and program updates.

Build an incredible marketing campaign for open enrollment! Click here to see examples and choose your own communications package.