Too complicated for a comprehensive benefits administration platform? If your company is considered a challenge, keep reading. Complex set-ups make Web Benefits Design’s customized ben admin solutions the perfect choice for a streamlined, more efficient benefits and payroll platform.

The Hospitality Challenge

High-end hospitality company Ocean Properties Hotels & Resorts had a problem. Their 104 properties, operating across the U.S., all have very different staffing requirements. With branded properties including Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, and other heavy hitters in the hospitality industry, Ocean Properties has very high standards to meet in every department. Their employees, accustomed to delivering the best, were looking for the best — but the very nature of their industry was making providing them with a comprehensive benefits strategy tough.

The big challenge? A workforce of thousands of full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers across the country — many of whom move from one property to the next according to seasonal demands. Employee costs by location varied each month, and the company had been forced to resort to highly complex carrier structures in order to get the reporting they needed. Reporting on active employees, COBRA, net and gross costs by line of coverage, different carriers—the list, multiplied 104 times, made for a tremendous challenge.

In fact, a competitor firm was unable to sort out the puzzle. Fourteen months of failed implementation later, Ocean Properties was back where they’d started: buried under piles of complicated carrier feeds.

The WBD Solution

WBD took the case. The team was able to implement and launch file feeds in just 45 days, including payroll connectivity. Now 7,300 employees, 51 FEINs, and 104 locations were all on the same page — with simplified reporting and a drastic reduction in the time and money the company previously had to spend on manual processing and self-reporting.

Additionally, annual open enrollments were simplified. With WBD’s video library, telephonic enrollment, and easy-to-use online enrollment, the company was able to achieve full enrollment without the broker/client site visits they previously utilized—that’s 104 trips saved!

The diverse workforces and shifting schedules of hospitality companies can make many operators feel that a simple and unified benefits administration solution is beyond their reach. But WBD is up to the challenge. See for yourself! Click here to learn more about the many ways we can change your business for the better.

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