It’s always a good time to discuss benefits with your employees. While many employees would rather not think about them until open enrollment — and maybe not even then — incorporating conversation around benefits regularly is just good housekeeping. You want engaged employees who interact with their benefits. Not only does this improve morale and boost retainment, it also helps your employees achieve their best physical and mental health.

Seasonal Benefit Talking Points

Finding themes for discussing benefits is as easy as looking at the calendar — or out your office window. Here are a few seasonal ideas to get you started:

Spring Topics

  • How to use FSA dollars to build a home first aid kit
  • Essential emergency numbers and when to use them
  • Gym memberships and employee wellness incentives

Summer Topics

  • Pool and sun safety awareness
  • Insect bites and treatment
  • Primary care doctors

Late Summer/Fall Topics:

  • Back to school physicals
  • Flu shot awareness and local availability
  • FSA accounts for school shopping

Winter Topics

  • Mindfulness and mental health
  • Financial programs

Any Time of Year

It’s always a good season to talk about funding retirement, pet insurance, hospital benefits, or a host of other benefits designed to make your employees’ life better. Sprinkle these topics into your regular communications to get more eyeballs (and minds) on the benefits they might not be taking advantage of.

Short, Snappy Communications

Keep it short for maximum impact. A couple of lines, a graphic, and a call to action (such as “visit this website to sign up” or “read more here”) are all you need to grab your employee’s attention for a few seconds and put the idea into their head.

Digital Communications Made Easy

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