Supercharge your employees’ benefits experience with the WBD Supersite! It’s one of our most popular products with good reason: the Supersite hosts everything your employees could need to access and engage with their benefits. Let’s take a look at everything the Supersite has to offer your employees.

Helping Employees Find Benefits Answers Easily

The Supersite empowers employees to find their own information. This saves time for your Human Resources team, as well as any call centers or help desks your company might be running. When employees can educate themselves about their benefits, everyone saves time and money.

The Supersite boasts expansive content libraries — filled with regulatory and employee rights content that WBD keeps updated for you — as well as benefit summaries. Carrier information is presented in easy-to-read plan summaries, with side-by-side price comparisons. Are your employees looking for a quick overview of an insurance plan, an overview of costs and services, copay costs, or to access forms for physicians? They’ll find what they need waiting on the Supersite.

Employees can even find their next doctor on the Supersite, with an extensive Find a Doctor search engine built right in.

And for companies with multilingual employee bases, carrier materials in languages other than English can also be posted to the Supersite.

At tax time, things get even easier for employees. There’s no waiting on 1095 forms—employees can download the form directly from the Supersite.

Videos Exploring Benefits & Enrollment

Do the words “Open Enrollment” give you an instant headache? Make the annual enrollment process easier on yourself, your team, and your employees. In addition to everything above designed to help employees understand their benefits, a video library comes built-in, with short, easy-to-follow video trainings on different types of benefits, how to choose the right ones, and what they’ll need to complete their enrollment.

Learn more about how video libraries support benefits education here.

With a Supersite, your employees will find fewer barriers on their benefits journey, resulting in better engagement and uptake. It’s a customized website which ensures your employees have the keys to understanding their benefits right in front of them. Want to learn more about the Supersite? Click here!