The Employer Experience

The Web Benefits Design integrated benefits administration platform streamlines many of the HR administrative tasks and processes through an easily accessible, updated in real-time, HR Access platform.

Benefits Administration System

Web Benefits Design offers an integrated benefits administration platform that streamlines many HR administrative tasks and processes through an easily accessible platform. Our system delivers full customization and flexibility that produces client-specific solutions tailored to each unique client for enrollment, communication, and administration of employer-sponsored benefit plans.

The Web Benefits Design benefits administration system enables HR professionals to:

  • Manage all employee benefits plans
  • Manage annual and new hire enrollment
  • Define and enforce eligibility rules and timelines for events
  • Manage life event changes and beneficiary changes
  • Complete terminations and COBRA administration
  • Review employee benefit enrollment history
  • Apply role-based security access and administrator workflows
  • Create and send bulk or single email communications
  • Generate numerous custom reports
  • Simplify billing

Reporting, Billing, and Financial Services

Our custom reporting software allows clients to work with your internal colleagues and financial team to provide monthly health and welfare expense data that is real-time, accurate and should reconcile to your monthly carrier bills. You can easily track employee status in company benefit plans, premium charges and other important benefits related events. Our enrollment reporting features give you the tools to quickly and easily report.

Some of our most commonly accessed reports include:

  • Monthly carrier billing
  • Transaction history
  • Open enrollment
  • Qualifying events
  • Changes made during a plan year

Brand Your Benefits

Web Benefits Design offers a highly customized, client-specific employee benefits website for all our clients. The client-branded employee benefits website and online enrollment experience is customized based on clients’ desires and specifications. Web Benefits Design can mirror any brand, adjust or create messaging, and display critical information where our clients want it. Your benefits website can accommodate your company logo, style sheet, font, colors, navigation format, and overall “look and feel” (i.e., brand) of your own corporate website. If your corporate website changes, we will update your benefits website with the new style at no additional charge.

Wellness Program Management

Web Benefits Design’s employee enrollment and benefits administration system can accommodate any request or customization for clients to offer wellness incentives, tobacco surcharges, and spousal surcharges that require multiple price points and/or credits. Employers who have utilized Web Benefits Design’s technology to offer wellness programs, discover a rise in employee engagement, reduced healthcare costs, and an immediate ROI.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement programs are most effective and efficient when handled by a benefits administration system. Web Benefits Design can manage many worksite programs and incentives through the integrated benefits administration system and data exchange with third-party vendors. Clients with unique programs and payroll logic can be customized for full service functionality. Employee eligibility for reimbursement and the amount of reimbursement can all be configured in the benefits administration system according to client specifications.

Custom Communications

Customized communications offered by Web Benefits Design include benefits-at-a-glance, key tags, magnets, posters, flyers, brochures, target messages, text messages, and outbound calls to employees that match the client’s benefits “brand.” All communications can be generated on an ad hoc basis, auto-generated, and auto-scheduled basis. Our websites are also highly flexible and can adapt as your benefits communication needs evolve. For instance, during open enrollment, we can post an “open enrollment button” containing information regarding the new changes, instructions, or other important open enrollment messages that need to be communicated to your employees and their families.