1. Eliminating Paperwork

Are you still working out premiums with a calculator? Preparing documentation with pen and paper? Open enrollments done the old-fashioned way require employees to sign and initial huge stacks of paperwork, and one incomplete document can slow down an enrollment for an employee — and the HR team member tasked with sorting through all that paper.

Sending employees to your own web portal to elect their benefits and submit their documentation doesn’t just save them the effort of finding every last spot they have to sign — it also saves your HR team hours of processing paperwork, including chasing down employees who forgot to sign their documents. When the program won’t budge until every box is checked, it’s impossible for an authorization to get missed. Plus, premiums are assigned automatically — no room for errors by an overtaxed employee with a calculator.

  1. Time Savings

How much time does your company spend on open enrollment? How much productivity is lost with at-work, in-person enrollment sessions, and how much of that is regained when employees can access a web portal 24/7, including from the comfort of their own homes, to sort through benefits and make their elections?

Online enrollment with a benefits administration platform saves companies time. It’s less work for HR teams, and it’s less work for the employees enrolling. Some companies say they save as much as a week of time when they move from manual to online open enrollment. Offering self-service, online enrollment frees up your HR team to handle outreach, continue to work on their regularly scheduled tasks, and engage with employees who need additional assistance with their enrollment.

  1. Simplifying a Complicated Process

Employees don’t enjoy selecting benefits. A 2018 survey found almost half of U.S. employees spent thirty minutes or less reviewing their benefits enrollment. Add that stat to the dominant generation in the workforce today: the famously tech-friendly, paper-adverse millennial. Simply put, your employees might take home that massive stack of benefits information you put together for them, but chances are they aren’t even going to look at it.

An online portal for enrollment which places benefit election information in one easy-to-read place, allowing employees to click through with the selection of their choice and enroll in minutes? That’s going to enhance participation and encourage your employees to educate themselves on the benefits they’re electing. When you simplify the process with a one-stop benefits education and enrollment site, online enrollment will take your company less time and provide better outcomes that save your company money on benefits.

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