Ever wonder what makes WBD different? Sure, there are other benefits administration companies on the market… but no one does it quite like us. WBD specializes in innovation and people-first designs, taking the hard work out of benefits (and making our tech do the heavy lifting). Here are three key ways WBD makes benefits admin better for you, and for your employees.

Mobile Responsive Site Design

What does that mean in plain English? Responsive design means a website can be used on any platform, on any device — smartphone, desktop, tablet. For your employees, that means they can enroll in their benefits on whatever device is convenient to them. The website will adapt to their device… not the other way around!

This is a huge perk not just for busy employees on the go, who might prefer to get their tasks out of the way on their smartphone, but also for enrollees who don’t have access to a wide array of devices. While 90% of Americans have at least one smartphone, tablet, or computer in their home, 20% don’t have a desktop or laptop computer. If any of your employees fall into this chunk of the population, a mobile-ready website is a necessity.

Of course, we offer a mobile app as well — but getting it right with one website is something many users will appreciate.

Full Service and Proprietary, Unified Tech

Most providers in the benefits admin space offer a technology-only solution — you do the work. Or they offer third-party software, licensed and passed on to you. Even more messy, you could find yourself with a patchwork of vendors sewn together as one offering.

WBD is the only benefits technology firm that covers all of your bases, for you, with our own full-service model and proprietary codebase. There’s no third party software. No hodgepodge of vendors. Your benefits admin platform will be a cohesive package, built by our innovative team.

The result? Integrations which make your life and work better. A core eligibility structure which includes COBRA, ACA, feeds, bills, and history. Built-in ability to record member history like call center and telephone enrollment usage. Data tools to help the most data-challenged of clients reconcile their benefits and payroll data.

The Benefits Supersite

A highly-customized benefits website built just for your employees: the Benefits Supersite is a people-friendly solution to benefits education, enrollment, and usage. What can your employees access on the supersite? Just about anything and everything related to their benefits. They can compare benefits, find plan documents, search provider links, locate compliance information, access HR handbooks, view onboarding materials, and even watch customized videos.

There are so many advantages to a WBD benefits admin solution. From user-friendly tech that makes employees happy, to intuitive data collection and displays which take a bite out of your HR workload, WBD stands apart from competitors in providing innovative, effective solutions.

Visit What We Do to learn more, or contact us today to learn how WBD can make your benefits administration a breeze.