Compliance: it’s a complicated topic. Employers are responsible for compliance to so many programs and organizations, the name abbreviations alone can be dizzying.  ACA, FMLA, TDB, FSA, HSA — you get the idea.

But at WBD, compliance complication has met its match. Take Endeavor Air, for example. We’re talking maximum compliance complications here: multiple employee unions, constant travel, variable hours, even a large New York workforce dealing with the particular ins and outs of New York State laws.

This regional airline became a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines in 2012, but even before that, their team was knocking out compliance issues and keeping their employees well-cared for, with WBD’s Signature Services.

The Challenge

Endeavor Air typically operates more than nine hundred daily flights across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. With five cities as hub operations and an industry which naturally fosters high turnover, their benefits administration needs are definitely on the complex side. They might need to screen and hire as many as four hundred employees in a single month. Their employees include members of pilots’ unions and flight attendants’ unions, as well as non-union employees. Industry-specific conditions like high rates of travel and variable hours also pose challenges to effective reporting and administration.

The Solution

Endeavor Air’s relationship with WBD allows the company to stay in compliance with these myriad complexities, while enhancing offerings and improving their employees’ understanding of their benefits.

WBD is supporting Endeavor’s focus on HSA engagement and education, helping employees choose lower cost medical plans to drive down costs, through customized communication and video content. WBD also provides specialized integrations with Lawson HRIS and Unum which satisfy the company’s unique requirements.

In addition, WBD technology satisfies Endeavor Air’s need for complex reporting when the company is budgeting and forecasting, especially in case of union contract negotiations and aggressive hiring initiatives.

A Long-Term Relationship

Endeavor Air’s case study illustrates what’s possible when two companies are in it for the long haul. With a relationship fourteen years and growing, we’ve fully developed our ability to communicate and serve the Endeavor employee base. And recognizing that the airline industry is one of constant change, we have been able to work alongside them throughout years of growth, mergers, consolidations, realignments, and even the involvement of parent company Delta Air Lines.

The complications of compliance don’t have to drag down your department. WBD provides specialized, custom solutions for every size and type of company. We’re here to set your benefits administration on the right path and stick with you for the long haul. Contact our team to learn how we can help you today.