The city of Killeen, Texas, had a complexity problem. Like many municipalities, they were dealing with a variety of benefit and retirement programs amongst their staff. Everything from spousal benefits to variable hour employee groups needed to be addressed to keep things running smoothly. The administration and communication challenges were significant.

Boosting Engagement and Cutting Costs

When the municipality chose to work with Web Benefits Design, they triggered a group effort to find programs to contain admin costs and boost employee engagement. WBD brought in a preferred exchange carrier partner to help subsidize the upgrade to the WBD platform, reducing the investment costs to the client. (Learn more about carrier partnerships and subsidies to fund benefit admin upgrades here.)

The carrier, broker, and client all worked together to increase participation on voluntary benefits by 22% — providing not just better employee engagement, but a funding source for the ben-admin upgrade.

Tightening up the benefits administration and streamlining all those diverse programs was the client’s first aim, and WBD provided the solution with the use of our supersite, benefits admin platform, and COBRA packages.

Adding ACA In a Flash

The municipality initially chose not to add WBD’s ACA services (which you can learn more about here) as their payroll system was supposed to handle it. However, they realized just three days before the IRS deadline that the payroll system was not going to get the job done. Rather than missing the ACA reporting deadline, Killeen called WBD. We were able to back-fill their historical ACA data, generate their ACA forms, e-file with the IRS before the deadline, and get the employee forms mailed out — all in just three days.

Long-Term Satisfaction

Stepping up to meet the complexity of Killeen’s benefit needs — and handling their ACA filing in record time — has led to a long business relationship with WBD. If your programs seem too complicated for the average ben admin program, you haven’t met WBD yet! Take a look at what we do, from supersites to COBRA and ACA management. Then, contact us to learn how WBD can transform the way your company manages employee benefits.