The keyword of business these days? It must be change. New demands, new markets, new challenges: whether a company is seeking to redefine the way their employees work, or finding the opportunity to pursue new revenue streams, economics and current events seem to be conspiring to keep all of us in a constant state of change.

For the Human Resources department, keeping up with the current of change can feel like insurmountable. You’re the ones laying the groundwork: making sure employees’ work is accounted for, their pay is processed properly, their benefits are correctly administered, their positions are correctly classified, and a hundred other tasks.

So when it comes to making positive change in HR practices, do you ever feel there just isn’t time to make things better? Maybe you’d like to overhaul your systems, or improve practices, but don’t see how that can fit into your calendar.

Aveanna Healthcare faced that challenge. Due to rapid growth and acquisitions of other companies, this highly successful home health care company realized their HR systems needed an overhaul—in a hurry! With thirty thousand employees now in their fold, the vast majority of whom were field providers with variable hours, Aveanna Healthcare needed to perform a culture and organizational shift just to keep up with their performance.

The Challenges

Among their challenges: the decentralization of data, dealing with more than twenty-five benefits providers and four different payroll systems, and developing a new organizational culture that brought formerly separate entities into one cohesive company. Everything from email to payroll to employee IDs had to be rethought, retooled, and relaunched.

The Solutions

WBD moved with speed to streamline, consolidate, and automate Aveanna Healthcare’s benefits package within just a few months’ time, then moved into a full open enrollment which enabled all thirty thousand employees to move onto the new payroll and benefits systems prior to January 1st.

A few of the problems WBD solved during this quick turnaround included:

  • Loading eighty-seven different data files to reconcile eligibility and demographic data, and apply dynamic EE classifications.
  • Tracking historical ACA variable hours for 27,000 employees over the previous twelve months to determine benefits enrollment eligibility.
  • Sorting through a whopping 1.8 million lines of data to reconcile employee records, benefit logic, and eligibility status… in just six weeks’ time.
  • Enrolling 5,600 employees for benefits by telephone with the WBD Call Center.
  • Enrolling 24,000 employees online with the WBD benefits admin program.

The growth and subsequent streamlining of Aveanna Healthcare’s employee administration programs are a perfect example of the challenges rapid change can bring — and the potential realized when you bring on a partner who is invested in your success. How can WBD help your company meet new challenges? Contact our team and see just what’s possible, today.