Digital communications are the backbone of your Open Enrollment strategy. You’re going to be sending out emails, updating your website, and providing flyers to your teams with all of the enrollment information you can, hoping employees will make the move to get online or on the phone to get enrolled.

Take your Open Enrollment communications to the next level with visual branding. With a unified look and feel to your communications, you can harness the power of branding that top companies successfully use to keep their products front and center in our minds.

The visual branding concept is simple: using communications with energizing, engaging visuals which all stick to the same theme can have a powerful effect on the human brain.

We transmit visuals 60,000 times faster than text — meaning your first and best opportunity to lock the Open Enrollment message into your employees’ brains is with a visual which will trigger their memory again and again.

Think about Coca-Cola’s branding. It’s so consistent that you can pick out a Coke advertisement or product in any country, any language — even any galaxy, if the Coca-Cola kiosks at Disney theme parks’ Star Wars lands are any indication! When you see that red and white script, you know it’s time for a Coke. And if you see it enough times, chances are, you’re going to crave a Coca-Cola product without even realizing you were thirsty.

Enrolling for benefits isn’t as refreshing as a cold can of Coke, but the branding premise remains the same: you can imprint the idea of Open Enrollment on your employees’ minds, and then use that repeated messaging to drive them towards taking action. No, they won’t be craving some brand-new benefits, but they’ll have enrollment take a front-and-center place in their brains — and that’s right where we want them.

But wait — you’re not a branding agency, your marketing department is swamped, and no one on your team knows how to use Photoshop. That’s not a problem. We have the perfect Open Enrollments branding solution waiting for you.

The Digital Communications Package lets you choose a theme which carries your entire Open Enrollment communication plan. We customize it with your logo and branding — and just like that, you have a highly engaging and energizing suite of communication tools which will capture your employees’ attention and urge them to action.

The package includes something for every medium around your workplace or website:

  • Digital Poster PDF
  • Digital Flyer PDF
  • HTML Email
  • 10-page Guidebook PDF
  • Branded Video Billboard

With this package, you can harness the power of energizing theming to create a cohesive visual brand around your Open Enrollment strategy. The eye-catching graphics will hammer home that message every time the employee sees them: It’s time to enroll in benefits — don’t get left out!

What can you use your digital communications package to achieve?

Education for Visual Learners: The branded video billboard can share important enrollment information, including dates of Open Enrollment, details of benefits, new choices and options, and reminders about dependents information, necessary documents, phone numbers, website address, and more. Add it to in-house television feeds, electronic billboards, the company website, or send it out in an email.

In-Depth Education: The ten-page guidebook is customized with your company’s need-to-know info, including enrollment website and telephone number, updated options, insurance plan overviews, explainers on programs such as FSAs, and voluntary benefits.

Quick Reminders: Use the virtual flyer and virtual PDF to be a quick reminder of Open Enrollment dates which stick in your employees’ mind. Use these bright, visual reminders on your website, in your emails, on your virtual bulletin boards, or print it out and stick it near employee gathering places like break rooms and time clocks.

Email Updates: Send out regular reminders to head to the benefits website or call the enrollment number with the HTML email.

Visit our Digital page today to see the energetic themes we’ve designed for your 2020 Open Enrollment season, and click through our previews to see how each one can help your employees get enrolled for their benefits. Let’s get you set up for success this year!