Video Services

Benefits can be complicated. Employees need education and engagement tools to help them understand their benefits, and they need information explained in simplified terms – not industry jargon.

Videos are one of the most powerful tools to reach employees. Web Benefits Design offers a wide selection of creative, engaging videos and decision support tools to help explain your benefits.

Option 1 – Educational Videos

Use our a la carte educational videos to explain benefits information, complicated terms and concepts, and helpful tips to enroll successfully and become a savvy benefits consumer. Videos can be embedded throughout the Benefits Supersite and online shopping experience.

Option 2 – Branded Educational Videos

Choose up to 10 videos and WBD will brand all videos with client name, logo and customized animation. Your animated logo will be added to the front of each of the videos you choose. Videos can be embedded throughout the Benefits Supersite and online shopping experience. 

Other Video Services

Custom Video Production

Need more specialization and customized messaging for your employees?  No problem!  Completely customized videos are highly effective for employers with multiple medical options and mature wellness and incentive programs. Our video experts will work with you to story-board and create a video that is customized just for you!

Green Screen

Come visit our Orlando film studio and we will shoot, edit and post videos from our live production facility. This is a popular option for open enrollment and new hire on-boarding.

Video Billboards

High impact, high energy, open enrollment announcement that will get your employees attention and connect them to their benefits enrollment Supersite. Can be played in the office or on the go!