This year’s online enrollment period will be virtual for many employers. As companies cope with long-term changes to the way they interact with their teams, the most important benefits period of the year should be a priority. How will your Human Resources team react to the challenges of virtual online enrollment? Designing a virtual benefits fair can not only replicate the results of in-person enrollment fairs — it could enhance them.

Drive Results with Personalization

Everyone is used to personalized information these days. Your employees are no exception. Consider alerting employees to benefits resources which are tailored to their unique needs. With a platform which allows you to filter employees by demographic data, your team could send out email blasts to targeted groups, such as employees with dependents, or employees who need to make specific elections in their upcoming enrollment. Your team can start building templates now, ready to mail out throughout the coming months and ramping up in Open Enrollment.

Offer Employees Choices with Benefits Education

What do your employees need to learn about for their coming year? Make it easy by presenting the information they’ll need in easy to digest bites. Online content can come in many forms: PDFs, blog posts, webinars, and videos. They all appeal to different learning styles and reading skill levels, so it’s best to offer a few different options when possible. Provide educational links to allow employees to research topics as deeply as they’d like.

Built-in videos and plan information on your benefits platform can be a good place to start. Learn more about Web Benefits Designs’ supersite employee-facing solution here.

Encourage Communication with the Team

During your virtual benefit fair period, encourage employees to set up scheduled calls, or even offer an online chat service which can allow your teams to provide personalized, one-on-one conversations about benefit selection. Confidential conversations can lead to better outcomes for employees. It also gives your team the ability to steer the conversation and explain rate increases or suggested voluntary benefits which may be confusing to employees.

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