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How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

Satisfied employees are happy where they are, but they aren’t necessarily engaged and motivated to do more to help the organization excel. Motivated and engaged employees want to push to be better and make the business a better, more fulfilling place to work.

As you consider industry employment trends and your business environment, think about it in terms of engagement. Fostering an engaging company culture is a business strategy that can shape employee motivation and improve your business performance in critical areas.

What Does An Engaged Organization Look Like?

To create an engaged organization, you need the energy of employees communicating, collaborating, building trust, and promoting shared values. That’s when magic happens! When those things are missing, the results can be tragic. View this infographic to see the difference between engaged and disengaged organizations.

Walgreens CEO: Humana Relationship Could Take Many Forms

“If the concept works, we intend to expand that concept,” Walgreens Pessina told Forbes Media executive vice president Moira Forbes during an interview at the Forbes Healthcare Summit. Pessina’s comments came on the same day rival drugstore chain CVS Health completed its acquisition of Aetna, the nation’s third-largest health insurance company. Read more about the Walgreens Humana relationship.