Are your employees getting the most out of their benefits? Health care costs keep going up for employers, and yet many consumers are still wary of using their health care benefits. They’re afraid of choosing the wrong provider, accessing care their plans might not cover, or making mistakes that could cost them big.

Unfortunately, this all leads to a lack of participation with the health care plans your company has provided them — which also leads to a lack of engagement with your company, and eventually affects retention rates. This can also result in missed work, low morale, and slipping productivity.

Plus, employees who don’t understand their insurance coverage or take advantage of preventive care are more likely to seek help at expensive urgent care or emergency room care, with big potential costs for your plan.

Health care advocacy could be the solution to declining or stagnant engagement with benefits — improving outcomes for both employees, and employers.

Cutting the Jargon

The health care industry is awash in jargon that’s tough for patients and caregivers to understand. Diagnoses, treatment plans, and clinical options can all be presented in confusing “medical-ese” that consumers on the outside can easily misinterpret. This can lead to costly errors when selecting treatment options, facilities, and providers. It can also lead to dangerous health outcomes, caused by issues such as missed screenings or medications.

Health care advocacy can cut through the jargon and help patients and caregivers understand exactly what they’re facing. Advocates help with health care access, patient education, and guidance through their health care journey, from selecting the right plans to understanding just what insurance will cover.

Health Care Advocacy Includes Whole Patient Care

From finding the right doctor to explaining bills, from scheduling appointments to arranging for prescription shipments, from explaining a diagnosis to coordinating referrals: health care advocacy makes the patient’s journey through the complex medical system so much easier. Employers who engage health care advocates can see significant savings on their benefits through increased participation, management of regulations, and reduced costs.

Advocacy from Web Benefits Design

Find out how WBD’s engagement programs, including health care advocacy, can enrich your benefits program, enhance your employees’ participation, and save your company money. With access to knowledgeable and experienced advocates, your employees will make better decisions about their care, and your company will be able to reduce administrative and health care costs. Learn more – contact us today.